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    Budget 90k+ PC buying advice US. Budget- ?2000 USD flexible

    The last time I assembled a PC was 2008, now 9 years, 2 kids later and doing something for work which not a lot of people do, the time has come to re-kindle my old love. I switched to off the shelf branded machines for the past 9 years here in US. The most work that the computer does is looking...
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    need a used laptop

    i hv two. hp dv 2112t centrino/512mb/80gb/win xp/ runs ok. 2-3 yrs old asus s96j-CD T6600/2GBDDR2/320GB HDD/ATI X1600/DEAD BATTERY/ NON ORIGINAL CHARGER.2-3 yrs old
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    BSNL Bandwith increased?

    The upgrade happened in the evening for me , however very fluctuating . BTW, homeul1350 is my plan.:hap2:
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    Request or Offer Invites here (NO Trades!)

    Re: Post screenshots of Ratio Proof - Get an Invite (NO Trades!) need ip torrents invite
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    E7400+EP43DS3L; 2x2GB Transcend 800; eVGA 8800GTS 640

    Re: E7400+EP43DS3L; 2x2GB Transcend 800, eVGA 8800GTS640, BenQ E2200HD 2nd in line for 8800gts
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    Mobos +G-Skill Rams +(Combo Offer)

    Re: Mobos + Rams + .... ygpm.....10 chars
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    noob prob.. no images in forums

    ^ ya I m using ZA
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    noob prob.. no images in forums

    For last few i hv been noticing this that the imageshack thumnails or ne other foto thumbnails dont appear in mah page.. i hv tried diffrent browsers.. but of no use... pplz help....:huh: :( TIA
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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

    1 of the 2 sold to bottle...payment recieved ...ll ship tomorrow
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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

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    Happy Birthday XT Dude!!

    happy birthday XT.....NHJOI!!!!!
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    Laptops Hard to find an s96j in mumbai

    i bought this 3 months back....with 2gb 667 ram...dvdrw.... T2300 works like a probs whatsoever service is from the dealer that i bought...never had the chance to use the service bought it frm cant help u there...
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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

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    FS: XFX 6600 pcie

    payment confirmed..ll ship in the evening
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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

    bump ...come on guys....PM me ur offers
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    FS: XFX 6600 pcie

    deal confirmed... awaiting payment
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    FS: xfx 6600 Used

    bumpin this thread for crazy geek for pics as i am not able to upload them....(dail upconn)
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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

    bump+ price drop
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    Monitors 2 Monitors 1 Vga - Possible ?

    i saw a USB to VGA converter somewhere some mag.....cheaper way to go... ^^^isnt it true that only gfx cards ouput ll work....the onboard ll not... trhe gfx card ll hv to hv a dual video