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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 Motherboard + AMD FX-4300 for Cheap

    The mobo was purchased by me in 2013, and used for about 4+ years. Faced a couple of issues (which eventually turned out to be a faulty CPU), due to which I sent the Mobo in for repairs. In the meantime, I upgraded my main machine to a Ryzen. Used this board and bought a 2nd hand CPU (which is...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Fancy Pen Drives, 32 GB (Marvel, Looney Tunes, DC)

    I have a few Fancy / Themed pen drives for sale. All are 32 GB USB 2.0 variants. Complete List with Qty:- Spiderman: 2 Pcs Captain America: 2 Pcs Tweety Bird: 1 Pc Daffy Duck: 1 Pc Tasmanian Devil: 1 Pc Sylvester Cat: 1 Pc Price: Rs. 520 for Iron Man, Rs. 470 each for the others. These were...
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    FS: Games Bunch of PC Games

    I have a bunch of PC Games for sale, all of which are digital codes to be redeemed on Steam. Selling because I already own them, and received extra copies through gifts / subscriptions Just Cause 3 XXL Edition : Rs 350 Wizard of Legend: Rs. 150 Mega Man Legacy Collection: Rs. 200 Seven: The...
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    5% Cashback on Honor Smartphones + 1 Year Insurance

    Hey Zopper is offering a 5% cashback on purchase of Honor smartphones, along with free 1 year accidental and liquid damage cover. I believe Zopper is app-only right now, and present in most major cities. However, this Honor offer seems to be valid in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai only...
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    [IC] Sony Xperia Smartphone Clearance

    Hey guys One of my known vendors is looking to offload a bunch of previous gen Xperia Smartphones at good prices. Since these are all old generation models, the prices are heavily discounted. However, some of these models were top performers of their generation, and can pretty much cope with...
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    PC Peripherals Need a decent cabinet under 5k

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a decent mid-tower cabinet, and my budget is 5k. I would want it to meet atleast the following expectations:- Must have a transparent side panel, or a cut-out window Tool-less access (i think most in this range have it) Must be able to fit in a 260 - 280 mm Graphics...
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    WTB Multiple Antivirus / Internet Security Licenses

    Hi I need around 8-10 Internet Security Licenses, preferably valid for 3 years, for a home-office setup. Will prefer the below:- 1. Bitdefender 2014 2. Kaspersky 2014 3. Norton 2014 Am open to others as well. Offers should be reasonable. Need these in the next couple of days.. Please PM me...
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    FS: Desktops AM2+ System :: Phenom II X4 920 + ECS 780G Ultra Black + G-Skill Pi Black

    Hi I have for sale my AM2+ based rig. Pls find the details below:- Product Name: ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Edition Motherboard <On Hold for Troubleshooting> Expected Price: Rs 1500 Shipping charges: Actuals Manufacturer page URL: ECS A780GM-A Ultra Description if any: Rock solid AM2+ based...
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    Budget 41-50k Gaming PC

    Hey! Back after a loooong layoff.. man things have changed here :) Anyways, due to a combination of laziness, distractions, a 24x7 job and a funny thing called marriage, I'm not as much in touch with what's on in the hardware scene, as I used to be. While I'm still pretty sure of what goes...
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    WTB AM2+ Motherboard

    Hi The title says it all -- need a AM2+ motherboard, to go with my Phenom II x4 920. Would prefer a 780G / 790FX. Thanks!
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    Tablet under 12k

    Hi I want to buy a Tablet under 12k. Basically, I'm looking at ultra low-cost options like iBall Slide, Beetel Magiq and Mercury mTab. 1. Which one should I go for? I am a little averse to resistive touchscreens, but if there are any users here who have had good experiences with the same, I'd...
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    PC Peripherals Suggestions for a PC Steering Wheel controller

    Hey Guys I'm looking to buy a PC Steering Wheel (complete with pedals and a gearshift :P). I'll be using it for both arcade as well as simulation racing games. Budget: 6-7k (Can increase if the product is really worth it) Also, I believe availability of such controllers in India is an issue...
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    CoolerMaster extreme Power Plus 500w PSU

    Selling off my 3 year old CoolerMaster extremePower Plus 500w PSU. It's in perfect working condition and has never given me any issues whatsoever. This is the PCAR model, with dual +12v rails Link to Specs: CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Plus 500W Date of Purchase: March 2008 Warranty: No (5 day...
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    External DVD Writer

    Need an external DVD Writer (USB)... Used or new, but in perfect working condition... Please quote price inclusive of shipping to Lucknow Cheerio!
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    Expected Price for PSP

    Heylo!! I have a brand new PSP 3000, bought from the US. Opened just the one time to check whether its working or not. However, I need to sell it as I was gifted another one almost immediately :) What is the price I can expect for this? Just want to get an idea before posting it in the market...
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    El Cheapo Mobile Phone

    Looking for a dirt cheap mobile phone... Should be in working condition (with a decent battery backup).. No frills required... Even a used Nokia 3310 would do, provided it works fine. I would need a couple of weeks of testing warranty from the seller. Price strictly to be kept below 1k.... The...
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    Laptop Cooler

    Hey I need a laptop cooler for my Dell Studio 1555... Preferably would want a CoolerMaster Notepal Infinite... Any other suggestions are welcome as well :) Needed urgently... if any of our dealers stock them, do let me know :) Thanks!