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    WTB Nvidia GPU with warranty for 17-20k

    Hey guys, looking for a friend. Ideally in Bombay or can pay for shipping. 1-2 years of warranty is a must have. Happy to buy immediately this week.
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    WTB nVidia GPU for 2500Rs or under

    Looking for a budget GPU, for an edit rig (no gaming). Must have: HDMI output. Shipped to Mumbai. Preferred: GT/GTX 650, 660, 750, 710, 950, 1030
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    FS: Consoles Nintendo Switch + 3 games (2 brand new)

    Selling a Nintendo switch gifted to me last year in June. Condition: Brand new Usage: 3hrs in Zelda, no more. Games: Smashbros + Mariokart brand new, sealed. Zelda, opened, used for 3hrs as mentioned above. Reason for sale: I have a PS4 Pro and a PC, have found zero time to use this gadget. :(...
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    WTB m.2 screw!

    Haha, yes just the screw. No clue how to get one in Hyderabad. Lost the one that came with the motherboard, and am stuck with an nvme drive and no m.2 screw. How do I get one?
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    FS: Home Audio Video Apple TV (3 & 4), Sony X700 4K Bluray player, Philips Blu-ray player, Logitech 665 Universal Remote, PS4 accessories

    Hey guys, selling my year old Apple TV 4 (not 4K), pretty old Apple TV 3 (with optical audio in), and a Logitech 665 Harmony remote (1 yr old). All items in Mumbai, can Wefast free of cost to you. :) Apple TV 4 Bought in June 2019, from Maple Store, Mumbai This the 1080p 4th generation Apple...
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    Anyone selling a SFX PSU? A SF450 or SF600, or someone from Thermaltake. Budget is flexible. :)
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    WTB GTX 1060 6GB - low pricing, Mumbai

    Hey guys, Looking for a GTX 1060 6GB in Mumbai. Can pay online and use wefast to deliver. 1590069721 1060 3GB, or 1050 Ti 4GB will also do.
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    WTB i7 4770k or i7 4790k

    Looking for either of these processors for an old system of mine. Shipping to Mumbai.
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    WTB GTX 1080

    Any one with a GTX 1080 in good condition? 2 slot card ideally. Budget: 18-20k
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    FS: RAM 4 x 16GB DDR4-2666Mhz Ballistix Sport LT, Micron Die

    Purchased these from Amazon USA for 264$ in November (not Black Friday!). Upgraded to 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM with same timings from India last week. Selling them because I have zero use for them now. Am not sure of Warranty since I can't find the information anywhere, can anyone help? Selling for...
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding RGB CPU Cooler: AMD Wraith Prism

    Brand new, in box. Came with my Ryzen 9 3900x, never used - I've installed a Noctua U12s instead.
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding PWM, aRGB Fans & Case mods - Noctua, Jonsbo, Antec, Chromax mods

    Hi guys, Selling a bunch of stuff I haven't used in my build or replaced them. All of these were bought this month (Nov 2019) either on Newegg or Amazon. List: Noctua NF-F12, 120mm PWM Fan: 1000RS 900RS final SOLD - Removed from Noctua NH-U12s cooler, will be shipped with multi colored rubber...
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Corsair gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard

    For sale are some more unused PC gaming tech. 1. Corsair K63 mechanical, purchased in Nov 2018 from PrimeABGB, Cherry MX Red switches 2. Corsair M65 Elite Pro gaming mouse, purchased in Nov 2018 from BestBuy USA I don't game on my PC anymore, so these are lying idle. Expected prices: - K63...
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    FS: Others eGPU enclosure, Asus XG Station Pro @15k

    Hey guys, Selling this one after experimenting with a laptop + egpu combo for a while. History: I had a Dell XPS 9570 with which this egpu (with an nVidia 2070 RTX) worked just fine. I shifted over to a Lenovo X1 Extreme, and while it worked plug and play for a few weeks, some Windows update...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Elac Cinema 10, Elac Cinema 5, Wireless speaker kits

    Guys, this is what is left over of my upgrades of my entertainment room. Above photo is how the Elac Cinema 10 looked like! :D Elac Cinema 5 5 speaker set (no subwoofer) - I'm keeping the subwoofer from this set, but have upgraded all my satellites to larger speakers - Purchased from...
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    FS: Consoles Xbox One S

    Guys, am selling off this XBox One S that was being used only as a UHD Bluray player. I already have a PS4 Pro for all my gaming needs, so this one was only for the movies. I bought it in Aug 2018 from eBay of a local buyer, and it works just fine. Considering its a full console, am not...
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    FS: Headphone V Moda Crossfade Wireless V1 (RED) + XL Cushions

    Selling off a pair of VModa Crossfade Wireless (first version), barely used. I assumed I'd like a lack of noise cancelling and an "audiophile brand", but turns out I was wrong! :D I have the box and everything else for the headphones, including the original cushions. Selling them at INR 12,000...
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    FS: Desktops MSI Cubi HTPC, Razer Tartarus V2, CM PCIe 3.0 Riser Cable

    Hey guys, Selling off quite a few things today, here we go: MSI Cubi HTPC - SOLD to @soulweaver Purchased in Sep 2016 in the US, built with 8GB DDR3 RAM, 60GB SSD. It has a Pentium 3805U, and was barely used because I got the ShieldTV in 2017 Product link Pricing this one at INR 10,000, which...
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    FS: Home Audio Video LG 65" 4K HDR TV (65UJ632T); 7 months old

    Price drop to 80,000INR. Hey guys, it's been years since I've posted here. :) Lots of things have changed since then, but I've been regular lurker behind the scenes all this while. Here's a sale post for my LG 65" 4K HDR TV. Some details: Product Name: LG 65UJ632T 65" Expected Price...
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    FS: Desktops Upgraded Macs: iMac Mid 2011, iMac Late 2012, Mac Mini Late 2012

    Am selling three of our Macs from office since we are shifting our entire workflow to Windows/Premiere Pro. All three have been used for video editing of 720p footage. Looking for a fast sale Mac Mini Late 2012 10GB RAM, i7 2.3Ghz Model SOLD outside the forum iMac Late 2012 21.5", 8GB RAM...