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    Laptops Suggest a 8GB RAM for Macbook pro

    I have about 4 year old Macbook Pro (late 2011 model) which came with 2x2GB RAM. I am planning to upgrade the RAM by replacing one 2GB RAM with 8GB. Please suggest a compatible RAM and cheapest online deal available for the same. I have replaced RAM for windows laptops earlier. Is there any...
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    Which LED TV to go for?

    Since my current LCD TV is deteriorating day by day, and I do not want to spend on repairing the same, I am planning to buy a new LED TV. Since I only want a basic TV from a decent brand, I have zeroed on following two options: 1. Philips 40PFL5059 2. Philips 42PFL4150 Since these are not...
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    Buying a LED TV from Snapdeal

    I am planning to buy a new LED TV online, as the 5-year old one is showing its age now. Wanted to buy one from Flipkart or Amazon, but unfortunately Flipkart does not deliver to my location and Amazon has very few options. Hence thinking of ordering from snapdeal. Prices are also cheaper on...
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    Suggest phone for multimedia for around 10K

    Since my old phone seems to be ageing and having issues regarding frequent shutdowns and calling, I want to take that as an excuse and get a new phone. The requirements are as follows: * Main use will be for multimedia (more of audio rather than video) and camera. Decent to good camera is...
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    Pak bans dirty texting!

    As per this link, Pak seems to have banned a lot of words supposedly used for dirty texting. Apart from the hilarious expletives mentioned in the post, will such thing work? Or rather is it possible to ensure such censorship actual works? If Mods find this post in bad taste, you may delete the...
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    Happy New Year, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa!

    Happy New Year to all the TE members. Happy Ugadi to all south-Indian members and Gudi Padwa to those in the Western region. May this new year bring in all the success to TE and its members. :hap2:
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    Laptops Laptop power adaptor kaput

    The laptop power adaptor for my Samsung N140 netbook went kaput over the weekend. The netbook is out of warranty. Where can I get a replacement power adaptor in Hyderabad? How much will it cost?
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    Car & Bike Positive experience from Customer Care of Mahindra 2 Wheelers!

    In the world of pathetic Customer service, especially in the Auto sector, I would like to share a positive experience from Customer Care of Mahindra 2 Wheelers! November 2010: I bought a Mahindra Rodeo from a dealer here in Goa. The decision to buy this was mainly based on ready availability as...
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    Macbook pro 13

    I am planning to buy Macbook pro 13 in near future (not an urgent requirement). I have 2-years old Windows laptop and a netbook, but would like something better as an upgrade later this year. Rampage has had a thread for Macbook pro 13 for 58.xK odd, but the thing I am not so happy about is that...
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    October Fest 2010 T-shirts at at 55% off

    October Fest 2010 T-shirts on sale at Original price: Rs. 285/- Discount: 55% Coupon code: OCFESTgilc299 (Coupon courtesy Validity: Jan 20, 11 The choice is limited, but there are a few cool designs in the catalog.
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    Director Manish Acharya Passes Away

    Director Manish Acharya Passes Away .. :( So sad, I was expecting a few good movies from him after his first film "Loins of Punjab Presents". May his soul rest in peace.
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    Hot deal on Samsung N150 Netbook at

    After their lousy battle-ground deals on Mobiles, has now laptop deals, at least few of which are good. Samsung N150 netbook at Rs. 14990 with Free Seagate 500 GB Hard Drive worth Rs. 5,700 + Free Futurebazaar Gift Voucher of Rs. 501 So effectively the price is in the range...
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    10% flat at using ICICI bank is giving 10% Flat off on payments done using ICICI bank Credit/Debit card or Netbanking. They have not mentioned about the maximum limit on the discount. I am not sure, but they seem to have Samsung Wave in stock. In that case it would cost only Rs.15,750/-. Offer Link
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    Android phone for development purpose

    Hi guys, i am looking for a used android mobile in good condition for development purpose on the platform. Should be with all the accessories and following features: - 3G - WiFi - Bluetooth - MicroSD card support - 3.5 mm earphone connection - Resolution of 320X480 or better Budget: 9K...
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    Birthday gift voucher from eZone stores

    On occasion of their anniversary, eZone is giving Birthday vouchers which when shown to any of the eZone stores entitles the consumer for a free gift. Details at
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    20 mn handsets without IMEI go inactive, Really?

    According to this story on Rediff, 20 mn handsets without IMEI will go inactive today. Will this really happen, or as has been the case for a few times in past, it will remain on paper? Anyone facing issues already?
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    Laptops Samsung N128

    Anyone having hands on experience with Samsung N128 netbook? What is the feedback about it - especially the battery life? Which Linux OS will be better suited for this netbook? Planning to buy one to use on the go. Is this ebay deal good?
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    Acer Aspire ONE D250 Laptop @ 15.6K at

    I suppose this is a good deal at the price. Acer Aspire ONE D250 Laptop @ 15.6K at And with the coupon SHOPSMARTEZ, you can get Rs. 500/- discount on top of that.
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    India-Sri Lanka test Series Thread

    Surprised to find no thread for this series! :huh: Anyway, Dravid played a superlative innings today. Scored a ton when India were really struggling, and got India in a dominating position. Crossed 11000 runs, too! :hap2: Congrats to Dravid, the wall! :clapping:
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    Hot offer on Samsung ES17 Camera has an offer on Samsung ES17 12.1 MP Camra. Buy this @ Rs. 6990.00 and get the following worth Rs. 6815/- free. 1. Reebok sunglasses worth Rs. 4999.00 2. 4GB SD Card worth Rs. 1600.00 3. personalized mug worth Rs. 225/- For details refer this page. Disclaimer: 1. I do...