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  1. rahuljawale

    FS: Office Hardware Canon Pixma MX347 Multifunction device (Wireless)

    Selling my 10 year old Canon Pixma Mx347. The device can Print, Scan, Copy and send Fax. Has built-in WiFi for 2.4Ghz band. Has ADF to scan a bunch of documents Scratch-less scanning plate. Normal signs of wear. Mechanicals are in good condition. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux...
  2. rahuljawale

    FS: Office Hardware [Sold] Urban Ladder Eddings computer desk / study table

    Dear Mods, I hope I am not violating rules by selling a piece of furniture here. Selling my 4 year old Computer/Study table. The table is in very good condition. It has a beautiful black glass top. There are a couple of scratches on top which unnoticeable otherwise. Cannot ship for obvious...
  3. rahuljawale

    Monitors Monitor repairs in Hyderabad

    My Dell 2312HM (2012) started showing red tint and ghosting effect on the right side of the screen. Panel appears to be fine, but the red tint (and some flicker) is really bothering me. I am aware that Dell will not repair out of warranty monitors, so the only option left is to go for a third...
  4. rahuljawale

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Fans and cables

    Shipping at actuals. Buy all for Rs. 900 / - 2x 120 mm : Rs. 500 for 2 2x 80 mm : Rs 350 for 2 2x 40 mm : Rs. 150 for 2 Various cables : Rs. 200 for all
  5. rahuljawale

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair TX550M like new condition

    Corsair TX550M semi-modular Power Supply (Recent models have 80 Plus Gold certification) with original packing 1. Received in RMA when my earlier TX450 (or similar) died towards the end of warranty in 2013. 2. Can easily power an i5 system with top range GFX card. (I had Radeon 4870, Geforce...
  6. rahuljawale

    FS: Networking Mikrotik RB750GL 5-port gigabit router

    Mikrotik RB750GL, 5 port Gigabit router. Product Link : Almost like new Can be powered through passive POE on Port-1 Ships with original box and power adapter.
  7. rahuljawale

    FS: Others New in-box VGA to HDMI adaptor

    VGA to HDMI adaptor Box was opened to test and has not been used since then Product Link :
  8. rahuljawale

    FS: Motherboard Supermicro ITX Server board with 6 SATA - X7SPA-HF-D525

    Supermicro ITX server board X7SPA-HF-D525 Product URL : Has 6 SATA-2 ports , perfect for a low-end, high-density NAS Has onboard USB-A connector to run off a bootable USB drive Has 2x Intel Gigabit NIC IPMI software...
  9. rahuljawale

    FS: Storage Hardware Generic 9211-8i 2xSAS (8xSATA3) port card with SAS-SATA cables

    Bought off Generic 9211-8i SAS 8-port card. Upgraded to IT firmware. Tested with SSDs and WD Red HDDs. Two SAS (SFF-8087) to SATA cables included in the price
  10. rahuljawale

    FS: Others MECO 801 Auto multimeter (New in-box)

    2x MECO 801 Auto multimeters Product page : Unused stock leftover from the dealership days Price : INR 1650 1500/ each Payment details : UPI : rahuljawale@icici Paytm : Nine nine four eight zero four four three four nine...
  11. rahuljawale

    FS: RAM Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB

    Corsair Vengeance 8GB Kit (Will not be sold separately) Product page : Warranty : Yes , Lifetime limited Invoice : Yes Price : 3000 / - Shipping : 0 / - Corsair Vengeance 2x 4GB Product page...
  12. rahuljawale

    FS: Storage Hardware 3.5 inch HDDs

    Dear Mods and members of TE, I am unable to post HDTune screenshots because I do not have a functioning desktop at the moment. But I will provide 7 days testing warranty for all HDDs not covered in warranty. 2x WD Red 2TB Bought from a TechEclave member, the member had them for 2 months...
  13. rahuljawale

    FS: Others Random items for sale and giveaway

    Nokia BH-310 Working condition Uses small pin charger and hence cannot carry around Price: 200 / - Nokia BH-217 Not sure if it works. Uses small pin charger and hence cannot carry around Price: 100 / - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Mouse was in working condition Lost the...
  14. rahuljawale

    FS: Mobile Choetech Wireless Charger (Qi) T513

    Choetech T513 3 Coils Qi Wireless Charging Pad for Qi Enable Devices - Black Bought on Decent fast (when compared to DASH charging of my OnePlus phone :p) Requires powerful (2A - 2.5A) charges Comes with a good quality microUSB cable
  15. rahuljawale

    FS: Others MECO PowerGuard PG09H

    MECO PowerGuard PG09H I had kept one unit for myself when I was selling those. I have opened the box only two times to test the unit. Shipping is free. I am also providing an India pin adapter.
  16. rahuljawale

    FS: Storage Hardware HDD Mounting Kits

    Note: Prices are fair considering that I have paid equal amounts for shipping and import duties. Rosewill RSV 4 x 3.5-Inch HDD Cage RASA-11001 Bought on Sturdy and heavy metal body Comes with a high quality fan Extra screws and mounting hardware provided Sale price : 1300 / - 2 x...
  17. rahuljawale

    FS: Processor Core i5 3550 for 4500/- only

    Selling my i5 3550. 1. Bought it second hand from one of the TE member in 2014. 2. Has original heatsink and box. Invoice is available but I am too lazy to find it. I will produce it on request. 3. Shipping is included.
  18. rahuljawale

    FS: Motherboard [SOLD] New in-box Intel DZ68AF Motherboard in warranty

    Product Page : Intel DZ68AF Bought on to replace dead motherboard of my system Used only for 20 mins and packed it back. Apparently, the board does not like Corsair Vengeance RAM and I did not want to buy new RAM for an already outdated system. Comes with all original accessories and...
  19. rahuljawale

    FS: Storage Hardware Broken HDDs for spare parts

    1x Samsung 40GB PATA HDD (2003) : Rs. 100 /- 1x WD WD10EARS 1TB (2010 and 2012/3) : 200 / - 2x WD Blue Laptop 2.5" HDDs : 250 each = 500 / - There is a chance that one or both WD Blue HDDs may work as is or with repairs. I forgot why I stopped using them. 1TB WD HDD was received in RMA and...
  20. rahuljawale

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding VIP 400W Gold SMPS [Broken??]

    VIP 400W Gold SMPS Stopped working for my NAS one fine day. Wouldn't boot. All tests show fine but you never know. I have not tried it on any other system. Should be redeemable in capable hands. (that means the whole of TE community :cool:)