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  1. Poga

    FS: Others Parnis Watch Automatic Black with Miyota 8215

    Just received today. Beautiful automatic but bought it impulsively during aliexpress sale for the exact price I'm selling it for. I see that prices have increased now. Already have enough black watches. Never worn. Description: - Sappire glass - Movement: Automatic miyota8215 - Muctifunction...
  2. Poga

    FS: Others Smart watch, Bt car a2dp

    Reposting as my thread is nowhere to be found. Mods please notify if any rules are violated. Smartwatch is No.1 G7 price 2k shipped Combo of Car G7 and wall socket adapter is 600 shipped. Sold Queries welcome.
  3. Poga

    FS: Others Smartwatch I bought this from gearbest and its a good Smartwatch. Just that I'm not a Smartwatch kind of guy. Its a good quality watch. Hand machined metal belt and all...
  4. Poga

    FS: Mobile (Sold)iphone 5s, iphone 4, otterbox

    Links to album: iphone 5s: sold Gold, 16 Gb Good condition. earphones N/A and bought replacement digilink good quality lightning cable. iphone 4: sold White, 32 Gb Earphones have a lil problem, can ship if wanted. rest else all fine. All the cases shown in the pics...
  5. Poga

    WTB Cracked/broken 5s iphone

    I basically need the body/housing of apple iPhone 5s as wifey dropped her phone from 15th floor (oops!) . miraculously everything is working but the body has dents and had bent. If someone has a bricked/useless/cracked 5s with body in decent shape pm me with offers. BTW gold one is preferred.
  6. Poga

    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi3

    Scratchless mint condition. Flipkart purchased with Indian warranty. Running on 4.4.4 Android Kitkat Purchased a oneplus one so letting this go. Negligible dent on edge. Two cases (motomo and SDK both used) free with it. Box accessories everything. Local buyers preferred. Images(condition)...
  7. Poga

    User Review Xiaomi Mi3 on TE

    Preface: this is not a number Crunching thread. First impressions of the phone. Positives: +Great device. Definitely an eye catcher. + Great screen. Excellent touch. + Decent camera. ++ Fast (considering my upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy Duos) + Build quality. + Incomparable Value for money...
  8. Poga

    Android Dell Venue 7 vs Nexus 7 2012 instead of creating a new thread I decided to modify this one.Notion is out of the window and considering now between the Dell and Nexus 7 (2012) tablets. What are your takes on it? Dell has Dual core atom , 2 gigs of ram, 16 gb built in and added expansion. Nexus 2012 has ARM quad but...
  9. Poga

    FS: Mobile Canvas HD A116 @ 8.5K

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Micromax Canvas HD 3 (A116) Specs: Expected Price:9500/- 9000/- Now 8500/- only! Shipped Time of Purchase: MArch-24-2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period : More...
  10. Poga

    (IC) Galaxy S4, iphone 5, BB Bold 3

    LOHave a source for getting imported pieces at great prices. Appx. 30,000/- For S4, 32,000 for iPhone 5, and 16,000 for BB3. These will be all box packed and testing warranty given by me. (unless international warranty is there) There is no minimum order required. Just needed a show of hands to...
  11. Poga

    Car & Bike Headsup: Stay away from "7 Drives"

    I recently decided to buy a Honda Brio and unfortunately turned to " 7 Drives Financial Services". It is a dis-organization dealing in all cars located in andheri. They were listed with justdial and my research for Honda Showrooms got me a call from them. Their quoted good prices (Only when I...
  12. Poga

    White XCD35 aka BLADE aka OSF aka your introduction to Android

    Guys, have this great phone for sale..Orange San Francisco. Bought this so see what was all the fuss about Android....and I got hooked. Got it seven months ago.. absolutely scratchless screen...general ageing, no deep scratches or dents. Box, Unused Handsfree, data cable, charger et all. Running...
  13. Poga

    Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic with all a/c's & Box

    For sale is my 2yr old 5800 XpressMusic.. Original invoice can be hunted if needed. Had got it for close to 20K.. Along with it you get 8 gb micro sd , and all original accs. Specs- Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic Date of Purchase - feb 09 Warranty left - No Reason for sale - upgrading to Android...
  14. Poga

    God Of War III- 1450/-

    Mint condition Bought from TE Reason: Game over Pics Price alert: Put up ****/- by's ****/- shipped...SOLD
  15. Poga

    HP ZE4500 Laptop...7k.

    The laptop is in complete working condition Perfect for a download-rig, sturdy built. Specifications: Processor: Intel centrino 1.83 ghz Screen: 15 inch Hard-disk: 40 gb Optical drive: CDR-R/DVD Altec Lancing speakers Ram: 192 mb Battery backup: Did not do an in-depth analysis but lasts hour...
  16. Poga

    used God of war 3 for PS3

    disc needs to be scratchless. pm me your best offers latest by 21/08/2010
  17. Poga

    PS3: HDMI to DVI-D issue

    So my dad got a PS3slim 250GB version. And I own a Dell 2208 WFP. Ovbviosly I need to see how they mate. 2208WFP has VGA and DVI-D inputs. The cable supplied with the monitor is DVI-D single link. I bought a HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link cord. (The shopkeeper says there is no cable as HDMI to DVI...
  18. Poga

    How is this deal?

    So Guys, am out to buy a laptop for my kid sister. Honed down to this: Dell New Inspiron 14" (Red Color) Core i-3 330m 500 gb hdd 4 gb ram no os (dos) I am in need to buy ASAP so cant order from dell. Price i'm getting from 3rd party reseller is 36k Is it worth it? There is an ASUS lappy too...
  19. Poga


    I want to buy a Samsung Corby. Not Pro,plus or any other one. Just the Corby touch. It has to be GSM. Should be in scratchless condition. Preferably under warranty. I want just the phone...that is without acessories or panels. Mumbai sellers definitely preferred. Pls quote your price,condition...
  20. Poga

    White iPhone 3g/3gs

    Condition HAS TO BE IMMACULATE. Kindly mention model,purchase date, unlock status and type, and expected price. Bombay/New Bombay sellers preffered for obvios reasons. You can take route if you want to.:hap2: