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  1. DavyJones

    Budget 0-20k Somebody Pls tell me where I can buy Corsair CX450 in India

    I have lost hope. Everywhere I searched it's out of stock. I don't want the VS or CV series. CX grey label series is far better IMO. Please anybody help me. I don't need bigger watts SMPS since I'm running an old i5 processor PC. Previously it was running on cx430. It's not available in any...
  2. DavyJones

    An unusual request in a tech forum

    I know I'm supposed to post this in an art forum but since most of the members in this forum are very good at finding diamonds in garbage. I'm trying my luck here . I'm looking for a handmade watercolor brush. it's a local brand made in Kolkata. I have two images with me of that brush . I tried...
  3. DavyJones

    Android Which is your trusted website to download APK files ???

    I would like to know which website do you trust to download the APK files since it's too easy to corrupt the file which will compromise our privacy. thanks for reading
  4. DavyJones

    How to buy from a foreign online portal through wire transfer method ???

    Hello guys , I have never purchased an item through wire transfer. This seller has given just a bank account number only. no other option. Since it's not an Indian portal , I don't know the procedure through which I can pay the amount through wire transfer. Can somebody please...
  5. DavyJones

    Android Which Antivirus app in your phone ?

    I would like to know which antivirus app do you use in your phone . Is it any good ?
  6. DavyJones

    What's your experiences about EMS ?

    Hello, I'm trying to purchase an item from overseas. They will send it through EMS. I want to know what's your take on that ?. Is it gonna take a long time to reach me ?.
  7. DavyJones

    PC Peripherals Is there any magic trick to contact Belkin support ???

    I have a one year old belkin keyboard which is typing random numbers automatically. It still has two years warranty left. I tried to take it to the service centre but they told me to call the toll free number first and create an RMA claim, then only they will accept my keyboard . I'm trying for...
  8. DavyJones

    Borderland 2: Sharing My Gunzerker

    Hello guys, Today i'm going to share my Borderlands 2 gunzerker character . I have read in many forums about some people frantically searching for the legendary weapon Conference Call. I have four of those . The reason i'm not trading because i don't like it . i feel that...
  9. DavyJones

    Budget 41-50k Suggest A Laptop For 3D Animation & Video Editing

    What's your Budget? (50-55K, .) What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (Video Editing, 3D Animation, To use softwares like aftereffects, maya & 3d max) What size and weight considerations do you have? (looks doesn't matter ... performance is the key) Any brand that you prefer, or...
  10. DavyJones

    Where Can I Get CAT Shoes in HYD?

    hello guys, My old woodland shoes finally worn out after 2 years of daily rough use . This time i want to try CAT boots. But it's too difficult to find it in India . Anybody knows any shops in HYD or SCB where i can buy CAT shoes?
  11. DavyJones

    Storage Solutions Need Seagate HDD PCB.. Suggest a good place in Hyd / Secunderabad

    hi guys, My hdd stopped working . it's not detecting in bios . i'm trying to change the PCB of the hdd. My hdd model is ST3500418AS and the PCB no is 100532367. Is there any shop in hyderabad or secunderabad where i can get a PCB . please help guys . i really need to recover the files before...
  12. DavyJones

    Storage Solutions HELP!!! Need To Recover Files From My Failed HDD

    Hello guys, Recently my hdd crashed. it's about 500GB ( seagate ST3500418AS, PCB No: 100361017) . It's still in warranty period so i can replace it . But the real problem is that i lost all my files, my personal, professional all kinds of files . It shows up in the bios when...
  13. DavyJones

    PC Peripherals Where Can I Get A PoE Cable Connector? Or Can I Join 2 PoE Cables Like Electric Wires

    Hi guys, I'm using BSNL Wimax outdoor CPE, right now my PoE cable is little short so i can't place it where i want. I have two PoE cables but i don't have a connector. I asked everywhere in my city for a PoE cable connector but no use. So i'm asking u guys, is there any...
  14. DavyJones

    PC Peripherals System Starts Automatically When Ups Is Turned On

    Hi guys , Recently i replaced my mobo ( DH67CL) b'coz of some issues. Now when i start my ups the system starts automatically. I don't know what causing it. I didn't changed anything in the bios. The only thing i changed in the system is that i replaced the mobo with a new...
  15. DavyJones

    CPU/Mobo Help! 3 Beeps & Then System Shuts Down

    hi guys, Recently i encountered a problem. Before describing the problem i will state my system config. i5 2500, DH67CL, 8GB RAM (4GB x 2), MSI GTX 550 Ti, 500GB HDD, Corsair CX430, APC 650VA UPS. So my problem started while i was playing a high end video game, suddenly my power...
  16. DavyJones

    PC Peripherals HELP!, Horizontal White Line On Samsung S23A350H

    Hi, Last month i bought a samsung led monitor (S23A350H) for my cousin bro. From yesterday a white horizontal line appeared on the bottom of the screen. I restarted the pc several times but the line is still there. what should i do??. the whole system is only one month old. the system config...
  17. DavyJones

    HTC Explorer ..... Any Advice?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying htc explorer. I know that samsung mobiles are lot cheaper than htc but i decided to buy htc b'coz of the phone's build quality ( all my old phones have the habit of jumping from my pocket & landing on the ground ). what's ur opinion??? . If u guys...
  18. DavyJones

    Rig overhaul : 35k (In Hyd)

    Hi guys, 1st question : I'm going to visit hyd in 2 days, My beloved CRT monitor ( Samsung 798mb ) finally stopped working. So i need a new monitor. I'm working in the animation field so unfortunately my options are limited to monitors based on IPS panel. My budget for...
  19. DavyJones

    Hi To All

    Hello guys, Hi, I'm mathew from Kerala. I'm working in the 3D animation field. I found this site while i was searching every nook & corner of web to buy a new monitor for my system. I don't have too much knowledge about hardware, so i decided to use your brains in the...