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  1. gREen

    Looking for some PS3 Games

    Looking for Uncharted Series and Last of us. And if you other to clear at cheap price, ping me.
  2. gREen

    Android Oxygen OS 3 for 1+2 is out They can't keep up with thier promises. They released community build or post beta mm. So things going to stir up faster now.
  3. gREen

    Laptops Accessorize MacBook Air 13

    Getting Air 13, Now wanted to buy good heavy use lap bag as i carry some notes with me and some accessories, suggest me. If you got some, post the pics... Thanks and regards.
  4. gREen

    Android Android Tweaks & Mods

    Hey fellas, as thers's a lot of customization in android and xda is flooded with threads, i wanted to share the knowledge of mine... This thread is AIO or comprehensive tweaks/mods for android. I'll update this thread time-to-time. Right Now its WIP, will update, sort, description and link...
  5. gREen

    Budget 51-70k What MacBook?

    Looking for a laptop and thinking about getting MacBook. Haven't used one before, so confused with what version to get. My budget is 60k and confused with air and pro, version... More inclined with air 13' cause of light and battery life. 1. As MacBook is updated every year with mid, late...
  6. gREen

    Android f.lux for Android released

    Finally it was released on android.
  7. gREen

    Paytm Deals

    How to get this offer-: CLICK HERE for the offer page. Add your product into the cart. Login or register. Apply coupon code on below mention table Add your shipping details & Pay 100% Cashback Every Hour 100% Sale Time PromoCode 100% Sale Time PromoCode 00:00 – 00:59 DIWALI12AM 12:00 –...
  8. gREen

    How do Torrent uploaders "EARN"

    This been on my mind for long time. How do they earn money or they are simply sharing with the mantra "Sharing is Caring"
  9. gREen

    Logitech G510/510S - Discussion Thread

    Many of them bought G510s from amazon on deals last months or so. It replaced my Sidewinder X6 which i love it. Okay the main USP or *** we bought this KB is for the display but later found the not all games are supported because of the api restriction and the profiles the say are the key...
  10. gREen

    Infinity Blade III Goes free on Appstore

    As the title says, grab it guys
  11. gREen

    User Review OnePlus 2 - First Impression and Mini Review.

    Well, here's the 1st impression of the much #HYPEd 1+2. Will Upload the picture and screenshots later and will post detailed Review later next week. Some of the bugs/cons i encountered 1. Battery drain and irregular battery Caliberation(I reseted the phone, completely drained...
  12. gREen

    Lenovo K3 Note without any Registration

    Its on sale without registration. get it before it goes OOS K3 Note
  13. gREen

    Android Nextbit's Robin - The Cloud Powered Phone

    Been following for quite some time and today they launched robin, liked the design element and specs, its kinda like a pop style with flashing colors. on kickstater campanig. Meet Robin
  14. gREen

    (Free)YU Tempered Glass Screen

    pay 40 buck or add with 499 and above to claim free delivery. Click here to go to Amazon. Use coupon code – YUAMZ250 Get it for Free & Pay only shipping charges
  15. gREen

    Android MIUI 7 - India Premier in New Delhi

    Things gonna start 14.30 this afternoon, fans been lining up. Lets see what Xiaomi have it on the sleeves.
  16. gREen

    Android Moto X Play/Style - Indian launch on Sept 15nth

    After launching mid range moto g 3rd gen. motorolo is planning on launching flagship next month as confirmed by but havent confirmed which model. this is gonna a huge hit just like with price ratio.
  17. gREen

    Android Meizu MX5 exclusively on Snapdeal

    Meizu Exclusively available on Snapdeal. Register and its seems its gonna follow the same flash sale system. Meizu MX5
  18. gREen

    Strontium 64 GB NITRO SDXC for 1213

    I ordered one, good price/performance sdxc card now available at amazon its from Cloudtail FYI its not a sdcard so dont get confused.
  19. gREen

    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Posted 1st impression and mini review hey, i registered and waiting for my reservation to come. 28/7 - 13,433/537,882 29/7 - 3,673/678,345 30/7 - 2,533/920,803 1/9 - Bought 1+2 thanks to @dealwise for his invite If some one still haven't reserved, check the link OnePlus 2 - Invite Im gonna...
  20. gREen

    WTB Itunes India Gift card

    hi, my card just stopped working with appstore india. can some one send me a itunes gift card. i'll send u the money by neft. willing for 500 bucks card. Ps. can the gift card money be used for app purchasing in india? 1st time using gift cards in itunes