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    PC Peripherals Suggest a router under 10K

    Need your inputs for a routers under 10K Home: Around 1500sft flat Currently using: Dlink DIR 816 Devices/Load: 2 Smart TVs(one of them needs 4K streaming via Netflix etc, the other is full HD streaming), 2 laptops, 1 Desktop computer, 2 Consoles, 4 to 5 Mobile phones Will a Netgear R6850...
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    Budget 41-50k Gaming rig advice

    Guys....any suggestions...??
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    Budget 41-50k Gaming rig advice

    Guys, need your urgent help with the following gaming rig setup, CPU : Core i5-9600k upto 4.60 Ghz CPU-Cooler : CM - Master 120 Lite RGB Motherboard : Gigabyte - Z390 UD Graphics-Card : RTX2070 Super - GALAX EX 8GB SSD : Gigabyte - 256 GB M.2 HDD : Seagate - Barracuda 1TB RAM : 16x1 - Corsair...
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD598 SE and CX 3.00

    HD598 sold. CX 3.00 is available.
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD598 SE and CX 3.00

    Hi guys, selling off my sparingly used headphones and earphones. Reason for sale, upgraded to HD 650 and RHA MA750. HD598 SE Impedance - 50 Ohms. Very easy to drive. Condition - Mint. Hardly used these. Bought them in 27th Nov 2015. Comes with the original box and all accessories. MRP...
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    Loot on Amazon....50k warning

    Nice stuff. What the hell is the subwoofer doing on top of the table?? You just committed a sin in the audiophile world!
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    JBL LSR 3 Series 2.1 Active Speakers

    Awesome. Damages?
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    FS: Games Doom Ps4

    Payment done.
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    Audio IEMs under 10K

    Hi audioheads. Im planning to upgrade to the next level. I currently have a Sennheiser CX3.00 with my Fiio X1. I'm looking for detailed sound with tight bass. I'm considering, RHA MA750 Shure SE215 Sennheiser Momentum In-ears Please suggest if there are better options and which one to go for.
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    FS: Home Audio Video Audigy SE PCI Sound card for Rs 300

    GUYTON10 - Im taking it bro! :-)