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    WTB Looking for an overclockable socket 1151 CPU (coffee lake 8th, 9th gen)

    Any CPU is fine as long as it can be oc'ed. Planning to replace my old 8400. All I care for in this PC is raw clockspeed.
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    Wtb: cheap 4:3 LCD display

    Looking for a cheap 4:3 lcd display for an old PC. PM me your offers.
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    Pentium I/II or AMD K6 machines

    If you have any age old machines gathering dust, instead of throwing away, throw them my way. I'll offer some decent money in return. Planning to build a DOS PC with ISA (AWE64) sound and voodoo era video card.
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    Wtb: cheap 4:3 display

    Looking for an old school 4:3 lcd monitor - either 17" or 19/20". Offers welcome.
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    Looking for an old gpu to replace a dead 9600xt on my retro rig. Want something equivalent or better. If you have any, please ping. Don't want fx5200 cards. Have one as backup.
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    LGA 1150 Haswell i5/i7/Xeon

    Looking for a good used LGA 1150 cpu. Post your offers.
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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte Z68 XP UD4 rev 1.3 and I5 2500K

    Up for sale is a Gigabyte Z68 XP UD4 motherboard and an i5 2500k CPU. Motherboard was top of the line of its time and has the following features: 16 phase power delivery DDR 2133 support SLI/CF USB 3.0 8x SATA + 2x E-SATA Dual Bios HDMI/Display port Firewire IEEE 1394 port 1Gbps Ethernet CPU...
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    WTB Quad core LGA1150 CPU (non K)

    Looking for a non K series quad core LGA1150 CPU. i5 4430/4440/5570/4590 or higher. Not looking for K series CPUs. Please name your price. Also willing to exchange an i3 4130+cash for the same if interested.
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    FS: Desktops AMD X2 240, Biostar TA790-GXBE, 4GB GSkill Pi Black (800MHz, CL4)

    For sale are some old parts in perfect working condition - I have conservatively rated them 3/5 simply because of age. The price is very reasonable. Please do not negotiate. The cost of the RAM itself is more than 4k in the open market. I would prefer a bangalore sale. Please note that original...
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    Storage Solutions Looking for a fast 480GB/500GB/512GB SSD

    Looking for a fast 480GB/500GB/512GB drive. Any options available locally for a reasonable price?
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    Steam Home Streaming

    Anyone else tried it yet? I tried it on my wired home network with the game being streamed from my main pc to HTPC and it works really well. Tried valve games first - portal2/half life2 etc and it is butter smooth at 1920x1080 8xAA/16xAF with no lag whatsoever with an x360 controller. The HTPC...
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    WTB Looking for an AGP graphics card for a retro rig

    I'm building up a retro gaming rig running win98 with old parts. I have all parts other than a GPU. Unfortunately I threw away by old x800xt and 9800 pro. If anyone wants to donate/sell an old work working AGP GPU of decent capability, please PM me. Not looking for an fx5200 or crap like that. I...
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    WTB Audio tapes

    I'm looking to buy audio tapes/cassettes - both blank and pre-recorded. If you have old tapes that you do not use, please ping me. I'd be willing to compensate you between Rs 10 - Rs 50 for each tape based on artist/condition/age. If you have a collection of tapes you do not use, I'll be willing...
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    Graphic Cards Low profile 7750 cards

    Anyone seen these cards yet in India? Seemingly they have very low power consumption, a low price tag and a low form factor. Perfect for an HTPC rig with a bit of casual gaming. I believe they have the same performance as their full size counterparts with proper GDDR5 memory.
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    The big french show off :P

    Got a new fridge - a whole 601 liters of it. Its a Hitachi R-W660END9-GBK aka the Big French. Its a massive french door with no dividing partition - which basically means tonnes of space for my grub. The water dispenser is a big bonus too - Clean, cold water at a touch of a button. No more...
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    Cheap HTPC stuff

    Finally got a good intel mini itx board for my HTPC. Saw some nice deals and picked up a CPU and a small SSD as well. The board was 109$. The CPU and SSD were on clearance sale at microcenter. Unfortunately had to pay california tax since this was a B&M store. The i3-2100 CPU cost me 88$...
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    Asus 7970

    My 7970 is here and looks like price cuts are taking effect, I paid 32k+VAT.
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    CPU/Mobo HTPC Upgrade suggestions

    So currently I have the following in my HTPC: MSI E350-IA45 board+cpu (amd brazos) 4GB corsair xms ddr3 500GB seagate 7200rpm drive Antec ISK 310 case with 150W antec flex atx psu Samsung slim dvd burner Win 7 Pro This does the job really well for watching HD movies on my TV. Hardly...
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    Custom Watercooling setup

    I have the following for sale: DTek Fusion Extreme CPU Block with AMD and Intel mounting kits 2x Swiftech MCP 655 pumps Danger Den Black ICE GTX240 radiator Swiftech RAD box Tygon soft vinyl tubing (not shown in picture) Swiftech Drive bay reservoir Buy it all for 8000+shipping...
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    Audio My new Hifi room

    Well I moved into a larger apartment a month ago and now my audio setup has a room dedicated to it. Thought I'd share a couple of pics. Config: Usher Be-718 + RWS-729 stands Audiozone DAC-1 Non oversampling DAC EMU 1212M Digital Source Technics SL-B2 Turntable + Shure M97XE Cartridge Lyrita...