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    PC Peripherals minimalistic keyboard

    i am looking for a minimalistic keyboard like apple keyboard or arctic cooling k381 .... but they are on a higher budget range .. anyone knows of similar keyboard at lower range ?? < rs 1000 ?? ty Sent from my JellyBean using Tapatalk
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    arctic cooling k381 or a look-alike

    ARCTIC K381 · Keyboards · Equipment · Arctic Cooling looking for a minimalistic keyboard like this . suggestions of something other than this and a bit cheaper would also help :) thanx edit : is the post in right section ???
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    Steelseries Siberia neckband

    looking for a used siberia neckband ... interested members pm plz anyother gaming headsets also welcome ..... similar price range .. no sennheiser budget < 4k
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    zte blade or optimus one P500

    looking for zte blade or optimus one almost new ... condition to b around 9/10 need scratchless screen .. body scratches on the back can be ignored ... and no cracks :P all accesories .. in case of zte blade i am looking for a stock rom piece , amoled or tft doesnt matter , white preferred...
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    Samsung Wave II 8530

    For Sale : Samsung Wave II 8530 Date Of Purchase : 7/1/2011 ( @ MRP 19000) expected : sold condition : mint condition ( 6 days old) place of purchase and item location : chandigarh reason for sale : in need of cash ( buying optimus one P500 and saving the rest) not a hardware fan ,i...
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    samsung wave II (8530)

    For Sale : Samsung Wave 8530 condition : 5 day old ..excellent condition good as new date of purchase : 7/1/2011 place of purchase : chandigarh ( @ Rs. 19000 ) warranty left : 1 year ( national warranty) reason for sale : personal , need cash urgently (pm me if interested , will let u...
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    samsung wave 8500

    ok... i am gonna sound very cheap but please bear wid me .. first of all i need the phone mostly for testing and developing apps on the bada platform only i am not concerned about the warranty or scratches . so it can be a year old and i wont care long as it works well budget is...