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    PC Peripherals Suggest a router under 10K

    Need your inputs for a routers under 10K Home: Around 1500sft flat Currently using: Dlink DIR 816 Devices/Load: 2 Smart TVs(one of them needs 4K streaming via Netflix etc, the other is full HD streaming), 2 laptops, 1 Desktop computer, 2 Consoles, 4 to 5 Mobile phones Will a Netgear R6850...
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    Budget 41-50k Gaming rig advice

    Guys, need your urgent help with the following gaming rig setup, CPU : Core i5-9600k upto 4.60 Ghz CPU-Cooler : CM - Master 120 Lite RGB Motherboard : Gigabyte - Z390 UD Graphics-Card : RTX2070 Super - GALAX EX 8GB SSD : Gigabyte - 256 GB M.2 HDD : Seagate - Barracuda 1TB RAM : 16x1 - Corsair...
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD598 SE and CX 3.00

    Hi guys, selling off my sparingly used headphones and earphones. Reason for sale, upgraded to HD 650 and RHA MA750. HD598 SE Impedance - 50 Ohms. Very easy to drive. Condition - Mint. Hardly used these. Bought them in 27th Nov 2015. Comes with the original box and all accessories. MRP...
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    Audio IEMs under 10K

    Hi audioheads. Im planning to upgrade to the next level. I currently have a Sennheiser CX3.00 with my Fiio X1. I'm looking for detailed sound with tight bass. I'm considering, RHA MA750 Shure SE215 Sennheiser Momentum In-ears Please suggest if there are better options and which one to go for.
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    Budget 21-30k PC upgrade

    Hello people. I have been off of pc gaming for a while, but want to upgrade my old PC so that i can play games like Witcher 3, MGS, Project Cars, GTA 5 and all the other major titles at high settings. I installed Witcher 3, Dirt Rally, Mortal Kombat X and a couple of others. They seem to be...
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    FS: Movie and Music Blu Ray Rare Collector's Editions/Steelbooks

    On sale are rare blu ray collector's edition boxsets and steelbooks from my personal collection. Most of these collector's items are out of production and sell for crazy amounts on ebay and forums. Would prefer to sell them to local buyers to avoid shipping hassles but can ship them too if...
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    FS: Others Watches

    Hi guys. I'm selling a couple of my watches. 1. Invicta Chronograph - 6K Condition - Perfect - Used only on a few occassions. Swiss Quartz Chronograph with Date function Tachymeter Unidirectional Bezel 100m Water resistant 2. Invicta Pro Diver - 10K Condition - Good as new. Swiss...
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    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 500GB internal HDD

    Selling my 500GB Seagate Barracuda HDD. Running perfectly.
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    FS: Video Card Palit 260GTX

    Hey guys, selling my Palit 260 GTX video card. The card is running perfectly and runs most games at high settings. Pics
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    Audio Suggest IEMs

    Hi guys. I recently bought the Sony MDR XB90EX IEMs for my gf. I liked it and am planning to buy one for myself. I got them for 2.4K on sale against an MRP of 3990 on the box.(seems like the current price is 3450) So wanted to know if there are any other options for me in the 2.5K price range...
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    FS: Others GTX 260, 500GB HDD & Blurays

    Hey guys. Selling off some stuff i no longer need, 1. Palit GTX 260 - 5K 2. Seagate 500GB - 2.5K 3. Blurays 1. Up 3D - Like New - 1000 2. Matrix Revolutions - Brand New/Sealed - 700 3. Spiderman 3 - Brand New/Sealed - 750 The video card and the HDD are not under warranty but are...
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    Audio Sound card suggestion please

    I have an Altec Lansing MX5021. My Creative Xfi Music Xtreme seems to have gone bad. I need to get a new sound card. Please suggest me a good one comparable to my previous card or better than it and the pricing of it. I could also get one from the US as one of my relatives is coming soon to...
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    Graphic Cards Pls suggest a video card for 15K

    I've had a Palit GTX 260 for the past few years which conked off a few days ago. My mobo does not have onboard grahics so need a mid end card that can run most games at hi res. Please suggest one around a budget of 10 to 15K. My rig is old i will need to upgrade it i know but for now i want...
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    FS: Games PS3 / PS 2 Games

    Hi guys, selling off the following PS3 and PS2 games. PS3 games Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves - Non platinum - 800 Killzone 2 - Non platinum - 750 PS 2 games FIFA 2012 - 6500 God Of War II - 600 Spiderman 3 - 500 All the discs are in good condition. Item location - Hyderabad Reason...
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    Pls suggest Unlimited BB connection in Hyd

    Hi. Please suggest a good ISP that offers unlimited downloads at decent speeds/price with minimum downtimes in Hyderabad..except for Beamfiber. I hate Beam and their customer service make me wanna puke and i dont wanna deal with them.. Im currently on BSNL Home 500 plan with 2Mbps but its not...
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    Blu Ray Collection for Sale

    Hello everyone, please chk out my blu ray collection on sale, Let the Pics do the talkin, Blu Ray Boxsets / Steelbooks / Special Editions The Ultimate Bourne Collection - 3 Disc Set - Like New/Pristine - Region Free - 2.4K Alien Anthology - 6 Disc set - Like New/Pristine - Region...
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    Joining 2 or more MKV files.

    Need to know which application to use for joining 2 or more MKV files? Tried Mkvgui but the resulting files is unreadable on the WD Live TV media player. What are my options? Need your suggestions quickly if possible. Thanks
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    HDDVDs for sale

    Hi guys. Got a few HDDVD movies up for sale. Most are brand new, factory sealed except for a couple. Pick anyone for Rs.499. Titles available, Face Off - 2 Disc Special Collector's Edition (Brand New/Sealed) Constantine (Brand New/Sealed) Transformers - 2 Disc Special Edition (Brand...
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    Camera P&S Camera for 10K

    Pls suggest a P&S camera for 10K. Looking at Canon A1100IS at the moment. Are there any other options available?
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    Need formal shoes!

    Hey ppl. Need to buy a pair of formal shoes for office wear. Need ur suggestions on which brand/model to look for....Pls suggest coz ive always been a sports shoes guy and dunno much abt formal ones..... They need to be comfortable and decent looking. PS - Looked at some shoes by Provogue...