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    FS: Consoles Xbox one Console 500GB

    Expected Price: Rs 15000, Rs.20000 including 13 game discs. Accessories Included: Console, Power cable, HDMI Cable, Power adapter, Controller (Special Edition Copper Shadow).
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

    @qamartheone - I charged my phone this morning not sure how the SS will help, anyways I've added the SS please take a look. Thanks!
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

    Battery usage screenshot added
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

    8/10 Pristine Condition even if it is almost 4 years old, no scratches, never dropped it. Have always kept it in the leather case that came with it so the body is absolutely scratch less. Has a screen guard on it, if replaced by the buyer the screen would be a 10/10 The phone is rooted with a...
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    Intel 2600k in Stk @ SMC

    no not srsly but its definitely more than expected :P
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    Intel 2600k in Stk @ SMC

    was expecting it to be arnd 12k :(
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    MTS MBlaze Standard

    On hold for ravihpa.
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    MTS MBlaze Standard

    This is Evdo not 3G.
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    MTS MBlaze Standard

    Hi, I have a MTS Mblaze usb internet dongle just 1 month old barely used. Summary - • Plug & Play enabled • Speed upto 3.1 Mbps • Fastest uploads at a speed to upto 1.8 Mbps Purchased on - 18/12/2010 Purchase price - 1999 Selling for - 1000 (+shipping) Original Bill - Yes...
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    Sapphire 6800 Series DX11 Graphics Card & Xigmatek Power Supplies

    Prices will definately go down 100%... 6870 should cost arnd 11-12k just wait for diwali :D
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    CoolerMaster ExtremePowerPLUS 500W ( NEW and unused )

    Dude i dunno if this is the right place to post but u could always use the converter wire for 6pin. Thats what i do, I also have 1 6pin on my psu but i have this extra wire with which i can have a second 6pin.
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    Steelseries Qck+ mYm edition mousepad few days old

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    Bsnl evdo usb modem

    HI i am interested...but what about transferring the service and stuff? Which city are u from>?
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    Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ USB Modem (3.1 Mbps)

    I wud have taken it but unfortunately reliance doesn't have unlimited plans :(
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    Graphic Cards Nvidia geforce 9600gt

    depends if u card has 2 6 pin plugs or what which psu do u have currently?
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    CPU/Mobo Motherboard Beep Issue

    I hope this helps Beginners Guides: Computer Error Beep Codes -
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    Should I shift to WIn 7 64bit

    No matter what ppl say if u have a 64bit processor its true power can be harnessed only buy using a 64bit OS.. u can feel the difference in everything you do. So i say go with 64bit!
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    Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6 Stopped using i7 to its full potential suddenly!!

    Re: Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6 Stopped using i7 to its full potential sudden Yes rockinruler is correct... u can choose which cores u want enabled and which u dont..try activating all and see what happens...
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    Graphic Cards amd 6000 launch date and specification

    I read on a few sites too that its actually gonna hit the market in November... :(