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    CD + network audio player

    Hi Guys I need to buy a new audio system (preferably a micro-hifi/mini-fi/shelf type system) which has the following things: Must have: - CD Player - Network playback - DLNA support - Line in playback Nice to have: - Wi-fi - Apple airplay support - Apple dock - Cassette support Any options...
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    HTC HD7 (WP7) now available in India through flipkart

    for preorder that is.. launching on 15th dec.. HTC HD7 | Flipkart Mobiles Price: 31k
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    URGENT: Need Help with a smartphone/tablet Project

    Hi Guys Wasn't sure of where to put it but then thought of posting in this forum since this is related to mobile phones anyways. I'm doing a small project with a friend (which is a secret as of now and can't share much details except that it is related to gadgets ;) ) But I need your help for...
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    Good download manager for windows

    Hey Guys I'm stuck with windows 7 for some time and need a good download manager recommendation for the same. I don't want to use IDM though since it is paid and it doesn't make much sense for me because I am not a very heavy downloader to pay 1200/- for just a downloader and neither am I...
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    Suggestions needed for Acer TimelineX 4820TG

    Hey Guys I've to buy a new laptop and have the Acer TimelineX 4820TG in mind (Earlier was thinking about Asus bamboo U43JC but the indian model has i3 instead of i5 and is also around 7-8k more expensive than acer). My main need from the laptop being good performance with excellent battery...
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    Laptops The Laptop Customer Service / Warranty Thread

    I've seen a lot of people (including myself) in confusion while deciding to buy a laptop whether they will get adequate customer service for their product or not. Hence this thread. Please post the below mentioned details in this thread. I'll keep compiling them in this OP as the details come...
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    Monitors Need advice for buying a monitor

    Hey Guys I need a new monitor to connect to my laptop since its quite a pain to see a lot of code side by side on a small screen. Please recommend me some good options. Requirements: 1. Should be square, not widescreen 2. Max Resolution 1280x1280 cuz that is what my gfx card supports 3. Cheap...
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    Suggestions for connection in hyderabad

    Guys, need some help here... I'm moving in a few days to a new house (in hyderabad). The new place is a new society and doesn't yet have any phone cables within its compound. I cannot afford to have any downtime to my net connectivity because of my (and my wife's) work as we need to connect to...
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    Nexus One in the house!!

    Bought it a few weeks back but just received it yesterday :)
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    PC Peripherals Suggestions for Printer /All in One

    Hi All I'm planning to buy an All in One (Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax) in a couple of days. Please suggest something with the following requirements: Budget: 8-9k Max Mandatory: 1. Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax 2. Flatbed (glass top) scanner 3. Automatic Document Feeder for Copying/Scanning 4...
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    SmartPhone with GPS, Android or iPhone

    I want a smartphone with GPS in good condition. Would prefer an android phone like HTC Hero..An iPhone is also an option although less preferred. Please send in your offers for reasonable prices (Can't pay more than 20k in any condition).
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    PC Peripherals Advice for building a PC config ?

    I need a cheap and low power PC that I can use to make builds overnight (My lappy gets very hot while doing long duration compile sessions and also becomes unusable for that much time, so not intending to use it). Can anyone suggest a cheap config for the same? But it should be powerful enough...