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    Graphic Cards Are you guys using your GPUs to mine?

    Nobody knows! Just keep in mind that crypto always like to crash after a bull run. last time eth lost 90% of its value.
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    FS: Networking Tenda USB WiFi N150 Adapter

    received, working fine
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    WTB Kalimba

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    WTB Kalimba

    trying my luck here. dm me if you have a kalimba in good condition.
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    FS: Networking Tenda USB WiFi N150 Adapter

    interested check dm
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    Graphic Cards Graphics cards pricing rant aka discussion.

    ethereum is down by 11% today.
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    Graphic Cards Graphics cards pricing rant aka discussion.

    some good news bitcoin has plummeted 20% this week. once another 20% down and mining won't be as lucrative. once miners aren't ready to 2x msrp the prices will come down quickly
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    Precautions to take while buying Used Component from Reddit

    price too good to be true! maybe he was trying to scam someone
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    someone offered a 2060 super for 21k last year but I said Nah I will get 3060Ti FE
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    Pricing of Old Gen cards like 2080ti for selling

    Even before eth 2.0 profitability is taking big hit with increasing difficulty and lower rewards. Mining bubble will burst before July - sept. People building mining rigs now will never earn their investment back.
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    WTB Used Racing Wheel

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    WTB Used Racing Wheel

    I want to buy a used racing wheel and pedals. dm me if you have one. Bump
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    WTB Rx 580 4gb

    payment made @manuvikraman for 580 8gb.
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    WTB Rx 580 4gb

    Want but rx 580 4gb since 8gb variant are too pricey atm. buying for causal gaming. pm me if you rx 580 or similar gpu.
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    WTB Used 1080p gaming gpu

    Nothing special just looking for a gpu for casual gaming. Budget is around 10k. Please PM me if you are interested.
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    WTB 2060/2060super/2070/super....

    Hi can you pm the price
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    FS: Mobile ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 display missing [ or for parts ]

    received firestick. working fine. feedback left