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    Looking for a good quality usb cable

    If you are in a hurry, bandbridge from Amazon is pretty good. I've been using it for more than a year now.
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    Budget 15-20K All round vfm phone - 18k

    How about Honor 6x. I think this has better camera than Redmi Note 4. The battery though is in 3k mAh range.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box 4k

    Sorry for hijacking your thread OP. How is buying stuffs from Gearbest... how long does it take? How is their replacement policy? Any issue with the custom?
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    Budget 10-15K Any phone better than Redmi Note 3 under 15k? 20k?

    RN3 except for the average camera just can not be replaced by other phones in this price range. Battery life, screen, built, speed and ample storage and RAM.. I wish they put Sony IMX sensor at least like mi4i..
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    Other yoga 8inch or ipad mini 2 ? please suggest

    Mi Pad seems like a good choice though they are available only on ebay now. (For screen and battery).
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    Where to repair Sony RX100 in Bangalore ?

    I gave my brother's RX100 to Indiranagar Sony Service Center last year. This is a place I go to for any sony products I own (mobile, camera, and laptop). They have two centres next to each other.. They will do a good job but usually very costly. I paid 5k (approx) for VAIO laptop charger that...
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    Budget Above 25K nexus 6p vs one plus 3

    one plus 3 except for the average battery life. 6GB RAM, SD820, Very good camera, stellar built.
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    Sony Mobile Company Will Reportedly 'Defocus' on India

    They should've known Indian market better .. but now this
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    Audio Best inear headphones below 1k

    Get Mi Basic for 500 from
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    Audio Neutral'ish IEM around ₹5k

    How about RE400
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    Budget Above 25K Power user phone replacement

    How about Mi Max phablet? May 10th is the date.
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    Audio Xiaomi Piston 3 - not much bass

    Have you tried all the tips of different size. I found the bass just enough (punchy not bloated) and it has a very neutral sounding signature IMHO.
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    Why cant we get Good quality Data cables in India ?

    I had the same query a few months ago here.. Based on their feedback bought Bandridge for my wife and me.. Got my colleagues bought them too. Very solid and still working under various twists and folds..
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    User Review Gionee L800 : The Anti Smartphone review

    Very well-written and boy, the phone is amazing. Reading a review for this type of phone, so nostalgic. Good job!
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    Budget 15-20K moto x play or asus zenfone selfie

    More RAM and front CAM on Asus Selfie with Moto X Play body mand rear cam but with Laser Focus on Selfie would make winner combo. :)
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    Budget 15-20K Best Android Camera Phone at 20k

    mi4i and mi4 to me are what I can strongly recommend above the rests
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    Mi Power Bank or Any Other

    One plus, asus zen power to name a few
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    Need a good USB cable that lasts

    Thank you very much.. Let me order one right away. We'll definitely do that.. Thanks a lot.
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    Need a good USB cable that lasts

    Been trying out many micro USB cables from online and offline shops but none of them lasts.. Can you please suggest a good one that you've tried and tested... For me the Belkin one I got from Flipkart which I assumed was fake lasted for more than 6 months - this works out the best for me so...