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    Need a good USB cable that lasts

    Been trying out many micro USB cables from online and offline shops but none of them lasts.. Can you please suggest a good one that you've tried and tested... For me the Belkin one I got from Flipkart which I assumed was fake lasted for more than 6 months - this works out the best for me so...
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    HTC 516 Dual SIM launched in India for Rs. 13,300

    The mid-range segment for smartphone has become more and more exciting and HTC 516 Dual SIM which was launched in India yesterday (25/6/2014) is the latest addition to this ever-growing category. The new HTC 516 specs has a 5-inch qHD resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 (Quad-core 1.2 GHz...
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    Android Opinions on the 2 upcoming phones- BB Z3 and Asus Zenphone (s)

    I think the two hottest upcoming phones for us (Indians) that will be launched in a few days from now are the Blackberry Z2 and Asus Zenphones Series. Lemme just do a quick check on their specs and I got a few questions for each. Please feel free to voice your opinions. Blackberry Z3...
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    Refurbished Mobiles at Greendust and Gobol

    Hi guys, have you checked out these sites and They got refurbished phones at very good prices. I think they should include EMI option as well.. Am keeping my eyes on LG G Pro and G2..
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    Budget 10-15K Any good 4.7 to 5-inch Smartphone under 15k?

    1. Budget? A: ~ 15K (max) 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Preferred display type? A: TFT, 4. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, Gionee 5. Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A...
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    Audio Need Silcone Tips for 8 yrs old Senn CX300

    After watching IEMs some YouTube videos, now I've fixed my old IEMs (SHE9800 and CX300), both more than 5 yrs old. I've replaced the cables on both and now I can use em again. Can you please help where do I get silicone tips for CX300. Can't find any
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    Alternative to Flipkart Flyte?

    Anyone knows an alternative to Flyte? It's sad that Flipkart shut it down (my only source for getting legal music). Know that iTunes available now, but all downloads are in m4a format which my car player doesn't support. I download mainly Gospel music, I really wish we got a legal online...
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    Need help. Android Tablet for NGOs project for rural areas (Very Urgent!)

    Hi, One of my friends into NGO's project to promote education using their proprietary app ( Android app) in rural areas has the list of requirements; Need expert advise for the following requirements; Screen - 7-inch ( WVGA minimum), must be capacitive Proc - not specified ( I assumre...
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    Car & Bike Suugestions for Budget ICE Setup for Alto

    It's been a year since I bought the Alto Lxi and now am planning to get a limited budget ICE setup. Here is what I think and plan to get for awhile. JBL X330 - My local dealer quoted 2.9k which I think suits my requirements perfectly. Dont need CD, iPod Compatibility and Bluetooth. SD,Aux In...
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    Should I get Nikon P300?

    Am looking for a good compact camera with good low light capability. Not particularly looking for compact zoom cameras. Here are my requirements- Budget : 15k Form Factor : Compact/ pocketable Lens focal length : 24mm at wide angle Sensor : BSI CMOS Video - at least 720p Here is the...
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    Suggest LCD or LED TV at 30k

    Hi, am looking for 32-inch LCD or LED TV for home use. Would like to play full HD movies using USB Media player in the future. Budget 30k. Am considering Toshiba, cant remember the model number though. would you please help guyz?.. Need good viewing angle, decent sound output and will be used to...
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    Any similar site like

    Guys, need help. Is there any other good business site like Please help
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    What is the best way to buy things from

    Want to order shoes for my wife from What is the best option. I know Can I go and order thru this site? Please help
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    Audio Soundmagic PL50 or Brainwavz M2?

    Budget INR 2.5k. Looking for balance sound output without requiring much amp. Listening to smooth jazz, hip hop, indie pop and country. Need recommendation guyz, please help?
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    Guys hows the Acer Liquid at Rs14.749 at Homeshop18

    Check this product out Acer Liquid S100 Mobile Phone . Buy Best Acer Liquid S100 Mobile Phone at Lowest Price Online , hows it.. should I go ahead and get one. Can you suggest something better guyz?
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    CPU/Mobo Need help.. Suggest a PC under 15k

    Am looking for a PC for Home use.. lot of flash heavy sites and for Watching YouTube and HD videos... Is 15k enough? Please help me config a PC. Am thinking of getting CPU AMD X2 240 Motherboarb ASUS M2N 68AM RAM 2GB HD 500GB SATA Seagate/WD DVD writer Cabinet Monitor 17" TFT Any...
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    Audio How is the Logitech Z523? Anyone tried?

    Am just lookin out for the best 2.1 speaker I can get under Rs 7k? Would you please help? Am sure Altec MX5021 is one of the best bet in this budget, but I'd really appreciate if you guyz can give some light on the Z523 which is supposed to give 360 degree sound field.... How is the overall...