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    PC Peripherals Need Help: No Signal (Display) issue, Ryzen build

    Also, if you have removed CPU recently check the CPU pin once for any damage or paste; clean it & try once. Also check the SMPS separately.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    My best advice to go for atleast 4 feet for cichlids & only downside is, these need more maintenance- cleaning!! but these are gorgeous & love their unique character
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    good & those are kind of immortal ones:) & remove the left over food!!
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    Need Help for an electronics project!

    ESP32 consumes more power than 8266, for just data collection 8266 should be sufficient.
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    FS: Desktops Corsair RMA'ed PSU RM650x[SOLD] & PlayStation TV

    The PSU is sealed & got ~7.3 years warranty left - 7200 /- The PlayStation TV was never used - 5700/- ( Not in warranty, got around 2015 )
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    I want to buy some smd components for a project,any suggestions where should i get them from ?

    try , (i have not bought, recently seen) ( bought earlier, lead time might be 2 -3 weeks)
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    FS: Others Meco 101B+ Autoranging multimeter with AC/DC Volt/Amp, capacitance, frequency measurements and continuity test. Has hold and backlight functions too.

    on a first glance, thought it was a Fluke:), i was searching your images for their brand colored one(green)!!
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    My March 2020 Build

    It bcos of Ali, you made it lower, the terminal alone is pricier, if you procure here!!
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    PC Peripherals Looking for these or similar feature cabinets

    Look in to this, might fulfill ur need..& available here
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    PC Peripherals Air Cooler or AIO for High end CPU if your home is a dust magnet !

    This is quite loud for me, share your feedback.
  11. TechFrost

    PC Peripherals New PSU clicks once and doesn't boot up the system.

    If you have used that UK cable, check the fuse in that plug, it should have blown (might be due to cold start or some short/fault in your setup )
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    ACT Chennai is finally offering Unlimited plans

    prefer Airtel for their prompt Service...
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    Budget 0-20k Is genuine?

    yes i have bought mech. keyboard earlier, they are new & provide competitive price!! check with him about the availability & then order, very well responsive
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    ACT Chennai is finally offering Unlimited plans

    Airtel fiber is also offering the similar plan, but not unlimited( shud be surplus).
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    AMD Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3) processors Official launch | Where Gaming begins. (October 8, 9:30 PM)

    great...could spent little more with LL120 series & would have been more fancier
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    Windows 10 Professional-1pc-Key-Lifetime Validity-Email Delivery - Rs.324

    This should be an OEM version, Mobo change wont be possible.
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    Hot! USA to India New service Cheap

    is there any other site to look for blackfriday deals other than slickdeal?
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    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    agree, its total consumption here right, thought about the card alone.
  19. TechFrost

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    Its 300W max i believe for dual 8pin!!