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  1. TechFrost

    FS: Desktops Corsair RMA'ed PSU RM650x[SOLD] & PlayStation TV

    The PSU is sealed & got ~7.3 years warranty left - 7200 /- The PlayStation TV was never used - 5700/- ( Not in warranty, got around 2015 )
  2. TechFrost

    FS: Desktops x470 & unopened Ryzen2600x

    The CPU was RMA'ed oned, un-opened & attached the information. The Motherboard was replaced by ASUS, i haven't checked due to my upgrade reasons, still have warranty till march-2021!!!
  3. TechFrost

    FS: Processor Ryzen 3600 - week old

    This is a week old CPU & i lost my invoice somewhere, bought from delta peripherals locally & i will try to find the invoice, if not i can request warranty request from AMD( also i have attached the manufactured date for reference )
  4. TechFrost

    Storage Solutions Adjustable Table :

    Need some advice on height adjustable table. I see Philips selling at ~50k, which seems a bit expensive!! Do any one own it ? Is there any other reputable sellers? Thanks.
  5. TechFrost

    Fedex BOE charges?

    I recently bought an item from AliExpress through Fedex, apart from import duty, they are also claiming Bill Of Entry charges. Has any one experienced the BOE charges ?
  6. TechFrost

    Intel's new line up i7 & i9 CPU's

    Intel is about to launch an anniversary edition(40th) i7 8086K @ 5GHz & a true beast core i9 with 28 coreo_O @ 5GHz sooner :). ( Limited Edition)