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    Audio 2.1 Speakers in UK - 10k budget

    Hello guys, I'm looking for speakers for my flat. Will be using them for music and movies. Please suggest me some good speakers which are not too expensive. I'm thinking to go for sound sticks but wanna know if there are any good speakers available which are cheaper. Must have good bass. TIA...
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    WTB PS3 Fifa 14 and Controller

    Looking to buy PS3 Fifa 14 and controller. Please PM or post your offers. TIA, Punker
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    FS: Games GTA V (PS3)

    Selling GTA V for PS3. Price - 1.8k + shipping at actual Codes - Unused Condition - 10/10 Payment - NEFT Courier - DTDC/First Flight Pics - LOOKING FOR QUICK SALE! Regard's Punker
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    Storage Solutions Seagate FreeAgent not powering up

    So my External 2TB HDD is not powering up. I have checked my adapter and all the USB ports and they all are working fine. Tried connecting this drive on my laptop as well but still no luck. Drive was bought in 2010 and according to Seagate website it's still in warranty. I wanna know if Seagate...
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    Paypal Help

    Can somebody please help me register my iPhone's UDID through Paypal? My debit card is not working on Paypal. TIA, Punker
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    Tata Photon Plus connection error

    My friend has been facing problem while trying to connect to internet through Photon Plus. He bought Tata Photon Plus few days back and installed it on his Macbook Air (2013 model). Whenever he is trying to connect he is getting this error "No phone service detected, check your line and try...
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    FS: Software Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 (1 Key)

    Selling 1 key for KIS 2013. Price - Rs. 300 Payment - NEFT Pic - Will PM key once payment is received. THIS KEY CAN BE USED ON 1 PC AND IS VALID FOR 1 YEAR.
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    FS: Games The Last of Us

    Product Name: The Last of Us Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges: Included in the price above. Manufacturer page URL: NA Description if any: Disc and Box in mint condition. Please check pics before buying. Reason for Sale: Done with the game Product condition: 10 of 10 Purchase...
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    Washing Machine Help EDIT: Bought Whirlpool 360 Bloom Wash 8 kg

    Looking for a washing machine which will be used twice in a week for washing and everyday for drying. Capacity - 8kg/7.5kg Type - Fully Automatic Top Load Please advice a good and reliable machine as once bought will use it for at least 5 years. Budget not a problem. EDIT - Bought...
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    FS: Games AC3 and Hitman Absolution (PS3)

    Selling AC3 and Hitman Absolution for PS3. Both are in mint condition. AC3 - DLC codes unused - 1.6k + shipping Hitman - Codes Unused - 2k + shipping PRICES NEGOTIABLE Pics - Regard's Punker
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    Banding Issues

    Guys bought a Samsung LED 2 weeks ago and facing some banding issues (kind of). Whenever I watch football or cricket match and screen moves very fast then I can see very little black shadow type thing moving along. It's not visible easily on any other channel. This is the 2nd replaced TV and...
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    Need a Favour

    Guys was planning to buy iPhone 5 online from Croma but they do not support my bank (Canara Bank) for internet banking and can't spend more than 20k from my debit card in a day so please can somebody order iPhone for me, will do NEFT right away. TIA, Punker
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    Video LED 3D Tv

    Looking for LED 3D Tv for my living room ( Wall Length = 8.3 foot and Width = 7.8 foot). 1. Budget. 60 - 80k 2. Viewing distance. 8 - 10 ft. 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. Tata Sky HD and PS3 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. LED...
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    WTB Blackberry Curve

    Looking for BB Curve for BBM. New model 9220/9320 preferred. Budget - 6k (+/- 1k) Warranty - Must have at least 4 months warranty Condition - Should be in good condition. Color - White Preferred Reply here or PM me. TIA, Punker :)
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    iPhone 5 through Verizon

    Guys I'm planning to order iPhone 5 32GB from Verizon and will get it shipped by SnS. I want to know is it a safe option ? On Verizon site it says phone will be shipped by 26th October, any chance they'll ship before ? How much time does it take once phone reaches SnS warehouse and customs will...
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    FS: Mobile iPhone 4S 16GB White FU

    Selling my 10 months old iPhone 4S White 16GB Factory Unlocked. Have installed Original Apple screen guard from day 1 which was bought from Apple Store London (have bill of screen guard) Warranty - Not applicable in India/ UK (2 Months) Bought From - Regent Street London Bill - Yes Price -...
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    iPhone not charging

    Guys my brother's iPhone is not charging. I've tried new adapter, USB cable, different socket, tried charging it through computer but no luck. It was fine till yesterday. What to do ? TIA, Punker
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    WTB Uc3

    Lookig for UC3. PM me your offers please :) Regard's Punker
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    WTB KIS 2012 3 Users

    Looking for KIS 2012 3 users key. Please post your offer or PM me. Any suggestions from where else I can buy it will be appreciated. TIA, Punker
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    Which Mobile for Mom?

    Guys Mom's B'Day is approaching in a week so wanna gift her new cell. Preferred Brand - Nokia Budget - 5-6k WILL BE USED ONLY FOR MAKING CALLS NOTHING ELSE ! TIA, Punker