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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Belkin N52te Gamepad

    Received it...thanks.
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    Mac Mini

    Still looking for one...
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    Mac Mini

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    Mac Mini

    Does anyone have a Mac Mini for sale? Please pm with price & details.
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    Kerela Trip : urgent advice needed

    Iam from Alappuzha.The Backwaters you mentioned.If you are interested i can arrange a couple of days on the houseboat for you here. And to all others visiting Alappuzha,if you need any help you can contact me. More info on the backwaters at
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    My window to Console gaming.

    Congrats.. How to find which panel it is?
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    Apple Airport Express

    Hello all.. Interested in buying an 'Apple Airport Express'. Anybody have it for sale pls inform me. Apple (India) - AirPort Express
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    Mini Disc

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    Happy New Year 2012 (1st thread of 2012 :P)

    Happy New Year to all..:holiday:
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    Mini Disc

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    Ipod Lineout Dock Cable

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    Mini Disc

    WOW..that's the first player on the market. Great to know that you have a vintage player.:clapping: I have the Sharp MD-MT88 model. Couldn't find much info about the fault of this player on the net too. Which is the newer player you have?
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    Mini Disc

    Hello all, I have a MD portable recorder.But the recording is not working.Plays well. So interested in buying used/new pre-recorded mini discs. If any of you have some lying around inform me.
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    Ipod Lineout Dock Cable

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    Need Suggestions choosing and opening a bank account in India

    Don't go for Axis bank.They have a limit of five transactions per month for SB ac.After that you will be charged for each thousand rupees.Go for IDBI zero balance account.
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    Ipod Lineout Dock Cable

    Hello all, Does anybody have Ipod Lineout Dock Cable other than the 'Fiio L3 Ipod Lineout Dock Cable' for sale? I have the Fiio cable.Looking for cables from others.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Have bought many used vinyl..but my first new,sealed one..also my fav Met album...\m/... [attachment=10099:16935.attach]
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    I haven't yet received the MONSOON gift from ebay.It's been 4 months.I had a chat with the CC rep but they say to wait 10 days or 20 days everytime.This has been going on for the last couple of times. Any idea to get my gift faster?
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    Mini-ITX Motherboard

    Hi all, Looking for a used Mini-ITX Motherboard for setting up an HTPC. If anyone has one please let me know.