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  1. D-TOX

    WTB PSU/mobo/ram India Bangalore

    any 80+ PSU, any 81/85/87 mobo @ cheapest cause budget varies with model and 4/8 GB DDR 3 ram. urgently needed within two days. Thanks.
  2. D-TOX

    WTB psu

    want a psu(400-600watt). Should be in warranty. Pricing will be done through pm route as per wattage,usage an d underwarranty! Thanks
  3. D-TOX

    hughes Internet!

    My friend lives in a border area of mountainous region! Totally cut off from the world as there's no internet! He somehow barely calls me from his bsnl mobile by hanging himself from a post! He's been living there for past 3 years! Recently he found a shop that sells movies, videos on pendrive...
  4. D-TOX

    WTB Redmi 1s for 6.5k!

    Guys those who got extra! Help this poor guy! After third failed attempt m begging now!
  5. D-TOX

    WTB phone under 12k ASAP!

    Guys need your help to buy a android phone under 12K! ASAP! Buying in 12 hrs! Waiting only for your suggestion! Guys the best in range!
  6. D-TOX

    Monitors cheap FHD monitor suggestions plz!!

    Want cheapest 24"FHD monitors for watching movies! Thnxs!!
  7. D-TOX

    Laptops acer motherboard issues!

    My acer netbook 250d fried up while charging so any idea how much will it cost for new mobo for my netbook!! Plz!
  8. D-TOX

    CPU/Mobo Motherboard sound issues!! help!!??

    my friend hv intel core2duo e7500 with gigabyte g31 mobo using winXP. recently he got sound issues in mobo so he bought one cheap external sound card and problem was solved, but when he upgrade xp to win7 for some games requirement, theres no sound! thus sticking with ol winXP (no compatible...
  9. D-TOX

    PC Peripherals anyone! cheapest ram on earth?

    i need single stick 8gb ddr3 ram for desktop pc! but should be cheapest! any suggestion?!!
  10. D-TOX

    CPU/Mobo need suggestions on haswell mobo

    im planning to buy intel i3 4140 with Gigabyte H81M-S1 mobo known to be cheapest haswell mobo! so what u people say! any suggestions!! pros & cons of this combo!?
  11. D-TOX

    last wish of my NETGEAR JNR1010 wifi router. HELP!!!

    I bought this router six months ago from flipkart @ 1.3k. But still can't able to connect internet on any other devices except my BB curve 9320 only. The only mistake I've done is by connecting it first on my phone instead my pc. From that very moment router got security locked. Tried every...
  12. D-TOX

    Laptops any haswell laptop under 50k??

    Is there any haswell laptop available in india under 50k?
  13. D-TOX

    Car & Bike need car under 200k!!!

    Need a car under rs 2lakh but not tata nano! Any upcoming one I'll wait!!!
  14. D-TOX

    Storage Solutions what is the price of samsung 840evo 120gb ssd?

    What is the price of samsung 840 evo 120gb ssd in Kolkata?
  15. D-TOX

    Graphic Cards any cheap budget graphic cards for my friend!!

    my friend needs best graphic card that his motherboard supports or a cheapest one to meet latest games till date (budget as you suggest that i mentioned) and a compatible psu also. His system configuration are: intel core2duo E7500@2.9ghz...
  16. D-TOX

    Budget 21-30k help me to build budget haswell pc under 30k.

    What is your budget? 30K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - lg 23" Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - lg 23" Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component...
  17. D-TOX

    Storage Solutions help me to recover data formatted from a pendrive

    I recently formatted my 4 gb sony pendrive and copy some movies from my (win7 HB) laptop. But now I realize that there was one important doc files which I formatted earlier. so what I did that i install some 2 or 3 pen drive file recovery softwares but have to mention the drive to recover. As my...
  18. D-TOX

    HELP - PS3 not switching on!

    I can't turn on my PS3, it just blinks for a while and again returns to standby led mode. Any suggestions!!
  19. D-TOX

    How to play games from usb pendrive in ps2?

    Recently my friend made his ps2 playable through usb drives @ the cost of 5000k in mkt. I too wanna do this to my old ps2 but i don't want to spend that much on ps2. So guys any suggestions! HELP!!
  20. D-TOX

    Storage Solutions Cheapest 500GB / 1TB external drive ?

    Guys help me to buy a cheapest available portable HDD for laptop. Should be 500gb or 1tb usb 2.0! Any brand!