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    Looking for colo facilities - Bangalore

    Any recommendations?
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    Where can I get Dell YJ 221 HDD caddy in India?

    Asking for a friend not on this forum, Where can I get Dell YJ 221 HDD caddy in India (online preferred)?
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    Airtel Broadband Bangalore - Slow speeds 16, 17 Jan 2015

    Anybody else on Airtel Broadband at Bangalore encountering slow speeds since yesterday? It has been absolutely horrible since last evening.
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    Storage Solutions What internal HDD to buy?

    I need to get an internal SATA HDD min. 500 GB since my boot drive has started exhibiting the click of death. This was a Seagate with a 5YW and it is now beginning to fail after 8 years. Any idea as to how the Toshiba internal HDD's perform, RMA support etc? The Toshiba's are being...
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    Where to buy - Optical (TOSLink) Switcher

    I am looking to buy an optical switcher like this one Anyone know of a place I can get this in India, preferably online (other than Ebay), or at a store in Bangalore?
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    Airtel Rantfest - have your say.

    Bandwidth Fraud « Odds, Ends, and Mindbends Read, Rant and Rave. Maybe craptel will listen. Most likely they will not and will go the way of the dodo, hopefully sooner than later. P.S.: Sorry if this has already been posted. Did a quick search but could not find anything.
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    Airtel gets a taste of it's own medicine - kind of

    Trai recommendations favour new telcos: Bharti Do you like the feeling of being shafted with a change in the rules you thought were not going to change, Airtel ?? You've been changing the rules on your customers all the time, so now bend over and take it fair and square since you've been...
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    Article - Broadband, An Infrastructure Challenge

    Article in Financial Express. Broadband, an infrastructure challenge