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    WTB iPhone 7+/8+/XR

    Hi TE Members I am looking for an iPhone in good condition. Mostly preferring 7+/8+/XR for iOS experience. Requesting all prospective sells to kindly reply on thread o PM me. Thank you in advance.
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    WTB Samsung galaxy note 8/9, IPhone 7+/8+/Xr/X

    Hi, I am looking for Samsung galaxy note 8 or 9. Also looking for Apple phone 7+/8+/Xr/X. Please PM the details. Thanks in advance!
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    FS: Others VIZAG - Mega Sale! Have a Look!!

    Payment done for Original Apple 5V, 1A charger and Cona Multi-pin Plug
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    Budget Above 25K Galaxy S10e or Galaxy Note 9 or others?

    Well it depends on your Priorities For battery life, Big Screen its Note 9 For Compact size and new punch hole display its 10E For Camera, Performance both are at Par.
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    FS: Mobile S7 edge Silver 32GB

    Product condition is 3/5. Please can you describe in details (apart from Minor burn in area) about the same if possible.
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    WTB IPad / android Tab

    Hi I am looking for a Tab. Both Android and iOS are welcome. Please PM me product details. Thanks for looking into this thread
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    Apple will start building iPhones in India by April end

    It's just assembling and Packing in India. All the parts are imported from China. So there won't be a major impact on pricing either. We can expect Max 10℅ less than current price.
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    New Ac for home !

    Either go for OGeneral or Daikin
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    WTB Apple ipad

    ipad 3 and above
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    WTB Apple ipad

    Looking for an apple ipad in good condition. Thanks for viewing thread.
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    Budget 31-40k Laptop with DDR4 RAM

    Looking for Laptop having DDR4 RAM. I am inclined towards Dell becuase of Good Afer Sales Service and build quality but unfortunately Dell is not selling DDR4 ram laptop in this price range. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for viewing thread.
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    FS: Mobile Google Pixel Rhinoshield Crashguard bumper and Spigen case

    If possible please update about current battery life and usage details.
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    FS: Mobile Nexus 6P 64GB Silver - 1 Month warranty left

    Requesting seller to give detailed info about product condition as per rating of 8/10 mentioned by him. Also upload image of all 4 sides of phone as it will be helpful for prospective buyers. I forgot to mention abt image of invoice so that exact warranty period can be calculated.
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    FS: Others casio g shock gd 350 vibration alarm watch purchased end Sept 16 going cheap

    Sir Please Upload pics of little better resolution.
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    Budget 20-25K is it safe to buy note 4 (samsung) from ebay

    Buying Moto Z play at this moment will be best deal for you if you want a good latest phone.
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    Budget 41-50k Dell Xps 13 from US worth buying?

    Thanks Mutant for valuable reply. Now next thing is Warranty transfer or international warranty procedure. People who have tried in past please give ur inputs,
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    Budget 41-50k Dell Xps 13 from US worth buying?

    Hi friends Need to buy a laptop for a friend. Usage will be on lighter side like Browsing, Videos. Its not gonna be used for gaming at all. Battery life is not the main criteria either. It has to be all in one package. Already had low budget of 30-35k but since Dell xps has good reviews so...
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    All OS Wrist watch Phone

    Hi friends, I am Looking for a Wrist watch phone. But non of the good compnay is into it. If any one has tried or using it then please shre ur views on it. Thanks for taking out your time to read the thread.