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  1. carbonbadu

    League OF Legends INDIA

    guys i am seeking for a good players for LOL... i do play on EUW and Garena.. please good players who are interested in making team please post your IGN and server Name.. thanks.. so we can make TE Clan for LOL...
  2. carbonbadu

    WTB Urgent need 560Ti any brand

    please guys pm me for the same.. looking for quick purchase Budget 6.5-7k
  3. carbonbadu

    WTB PS3 Tekken 6 and RDR and MGS4

    RDR, GOW 3, MGS4, Heavy Rain, Resistance 3 PS3 please pm me your best prices Shipped :) BUMPPPPP
  4. carbonbadu

    Graphic Cards [HELP] ATI 6950 & AOC E2343F2K Moniter Issue

    Guys i recently bought the AOC E2343F2K and i have the 6950 GPU, this AOC E23432k the colours are looking very dull and faint i dont know that the problem is i even tried VGA as well as HDMI cable but my issue wan not resolved please help me figuring it out what kind of problem is this.. i...
  5. carbonbadu

    WTB PSP 2006 Or 3004

    pm me your best offer guys
  6. carbonbadu

    TE 1 vs TE2 Practice Matches

    active battlefield 3 players please post here as we will reach 10 active players we will arrange scrims for practice. so that we can reach upto good level and then we will start scriming against PRO teams like XNK and all...