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  1. akhilgopal

    FS: Others Miscellaneous stuff: Headphones, Perfumes, SSHD

    Up for sale are the following items: 1. Google Chromecast Gen 2 Condition: 8/10. Purchased more than 2 years back. Price: 1200. 2. Ultimate ears UE 900s. Condition: 9.5/10. I don't generally use in-ears much. So, very hardly used. Was gifted last year by my friend from US. Price: 12000 3...
  2. akhilgopal

    FS: Others Clearance Sale - Watches

    Hi, Up for sale are some of the watches belonging to me and my friend. (Given in the order of the picture) 1. Skagen Gitte Analog Gold Dial Women's Watch - SKW2262 Condition: Unused. 9/10 Price: 2000/- Purchase date: Was gifted 2 years back. 2. Citizen Eco Drive Watch for Men. White Dial...
  3. akhilgopal

    Less than 10K Google Pixel - Is it a good phone and should I buy?

    Having used pixels since pixel 2, I can only see how google has changed over the years. The unlimited photo upload was removed since pixel 4 which was one of the very good features which the pixel brand had.
  4. akhilgopal

    WTB Google pixel 3a

    please check PM
  5. akhilgopal

    Anyone used ?

    I remember checking this site long time back. But I have contacted their number and they do have a shop in Chennai. The guy told me that I can visit them directly to purchase the laptop in case I'm worried about buying it online. But yea, refurbs. My cousin has bought a refurb laptop, hp envy...
  6. akhilgopal

    Anyone ordered something from Aliexpress since the plague started?

    All my pre-pandemic orders used to be delivered in a month's time. Just use the AliExpress standard shipping. My friend has a bought some cheap mobile accessories a in the last 2 months and he got them delivered.
  7. akhilgopal

    Best video for Basics of Stock Market For Beginners ?

    My friend says there is a person named kundan kishore who has a course on stock marketing and trading.
  8. akhilgopal

    WTB iPad with Apple pencil

    Check PM for apple pencil.
  9. akhilgopal

    WTB Mi 4k Box/ FireStick

    Check PM
  10. akhilgopal

    WTB Wireless headphones

    Hi, I have Sennheiser HD598 and Marshal Major 3 Bluetooth headphones for sale. PM me interested.
  11. akhilgopal

    [Group Buy] Internet download manager - 18/07/2017

    Count me in, as well ! Will take one.
  12. akhilgopal

    FS: Others Hot Wheels (in box, NEW CARS ADDED)

    Got the cars ! Leaving feedback :)
  13. akhilgopal

    FS: Movie and Music Clearance - Lots of Blurays

    I'm unable to PM you. Please send me a PM.
  14. akhilgopal

    FS: Movie and Music Clearance - Lots of Blurays

    Hi all, Since I got a temporary transfer, I am unable to go forward with the sale and shipping. I will start a new thread as soon as I am back home. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks, Akhil Up for sale include lots of Blurays, some from my collection and rest from my friend's...
  15. akhilgopal

    #AppTreasureHunt - Rs.1 Treasure hunt only on Amazon App.

    How is it that there are no shipping costs ? There should be shipping cost of 40rs na? The only one which i got today, was 41rs instead of 1. :(
  16. akhilgopal

    WTB IEMs

    Hi, Looking for a good pair of IEMs. Specifically, UE TripleFi10/ UE900. PM me know if anyone is planning to sell. Thanks, Akhil
  17. akhilgopal

    WTB Fiio E11

    Kindly PM me if you have any offers for e11 . Thanks in advance, Akhil :)
  18. akhilgopal

    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Kindly quote the price at which i can sell my white s3 - 16gb version. Condition : Display died off on 08/02 and is given for replacement at Samsung official service center. LCD will be changed by tomorrow and the entire front panel will be replaced with a brand new one. hence no scratches on...
  19. akhilgopal

    WTB A Good Android Within 7k

    Check your Pm bro :)