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    WTB iPhone 7+/8+/XR

    Hi TE Members I am looking for an iPhone in good condition. Mostly preferring 7+/8+/XR for iOS experience. Requesting all prospective sells to kindly reply on thread o PM me. Thank you in advance.
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    WTB Samsung galaxy note 8/9, IPhone 7+/8+/Xr/X

    Hi, I am looking for Samsung galaxy note 8 or 9. Also looking for Apple phone 7+/8+/Xr/X. Please PM the details. Thanks in advance!
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    WTB IPad / android Tab

    Hi I am looking for a Tab. Both Android and iOS are welcome. Please PM me product details. Thanks for looking into this thread
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    WTB Apple ipad

    Looking for an apple ipad in good condition. Thanks for viewing thread.
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    Budget 31-40k Laptop with DDR4 RAM

    Looking for Laptop having DDR4 RAM. I am inclined towards Dell becuase of Good Afer Sales Service and build quality but unfortunately Dell is not selling DDR4 ram laptop in this price range. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for viewing thread.
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    Budget 41-50k Dell Xps 13 from US worth buying?

    Hi friends Need to buy a laptop for a friend. Usage will be on lighter side like Browsing, Videos. Its not gonna be used for gaming at all. Battery life is not the main criteria either. It has to be all in one package. Already had low budget of 30-35k but since Dell xps has good reviews so...
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    All OS Wrist watch Phone

    Hi friends, I am Looking for a Wrist watch phone. But non of the good compnay is into it. If any one has tried or using it then please shre ur views on it. Thanks for taking out your time to read the thread.
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    FS: Tablet Xiaomi Mipad 2 64gb Android Version @ 15k (final price drop)

    Hi friends, For sale is Brand new Xiaomi Mipad 2 64gb Android version. Screen guard and cover was purchased and installed at the time of buying. It's lying Unused. Selling on behalf of my friend. As the Product is not officially available in India it's imported from China so warranty is not...
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    Modem + Router Combo for MTNL Mumbai

    Hi friends, This is on behalf of my friend who is using MTNL Broadband and want to buy combo of modem + router. Budget is around 1~1.5k Area to be covered is 2BHk (1000 Sq. ft) Short Listed Combos are as follows : 1. Tplink W8968 2. TPlink W8961 3. Tplink W8960 (New in Market) 4. Dlink...
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    Android Need help with Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Issue: Insert Sim, Null IMEI

    Hi Friends, Recently i Found my Phone got switched off and when i switched On. There was No Network. When i Checked IMEI it showed NULL. In setting when i clicked on Mobile Networks - it says Insert Sim to Access Network. Phone is on Stock 4.1.2 JB Non Rooted. Also in about phone Bandwidth...
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    Car & Bike ICE for WagonR 10-15k

    Hi, My friend just purchased Maruti WagonR LXI-CNG. As it's LXI Model, Company had not provided ICE. He is not Hardcore fan of Quality Music. Just 4 speakers on respective doors will fulfill his needs. He will mainly play FM and Songs from Pen drive. Just a Normal system will do...
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    Budget 21-30k Lenovo G50-70 and Lenovo Thinkpad E431

    As per the thread A friend of mine is confused between below mentioned 2 models. 1. Lenovo Ideapad G50-70 [ Intel i3 - (4010U 4th Generation) /2GB/500GB/ Intel Graphics/15.6"] 2. Lenovo Thinkpad E431 [ Intel i3 - (3110M 3rd Generation) /2GB/500GB /Intel Graphics /14"] Thinkpad is 2k more...
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    router needed for cable net budget around 1k

    As the thread States I am looking for Router for my cable net connection. Budget is around 1k. Need Good range and stable router. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB laptop

    Hi I am looking for a decent laptop. Budget : around 20k Screen size : 14/15.6 Processor: i3 Thanks in advance.
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    Audio Sound bar for 55" VU TV having Optical pin (jack)

    Hi friends, As the thread stats. My friend recently bought new VU 4k Smart TV. As expected Sounds of Led tvs are not upto the mark. And TV has only Optical Output for Sound. We tired to connect Normal Speaks with Analogue 3.5mm jack to Headphone output of TV but we didn't get any...
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    Less than 10K Looking for Dual sim phone in 1-1.5k

    Hi friends, I am looking for cheap dual sim phone. Main requirements are as below 1. Dual sim 2. Awesome Battery life 3. Micro USB charging 4. Durable 5. Only of Nokia/Samsung 1. Budget? A: 1-1.5k 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Preferred display type? A: TFT 4. Do...
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    FS: Tablet Nexus 7 2013 16GB WIFI 3 MONTHS WARRANTY IN 12K

    For sale is Nexus 2013 16GB WIFI version. Received as a Gift so no Invoice. But you can claim warranty on Month of Import basis. Its lying unused since its received. So the condition is as good as new. Charger and data cable unused. Tablet is shielded by Gadget shieldz from Day 1. Also...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD 2TB WD 2002FAEX Black 3.5" 18 Months Warranty in 5.5k

    For Sale is My 2TB WD Cavier Black WD2002FAEX recently RMAed. 18 Months warranty Remaining. Product is Sealed Packed as received from WD. Only for Local Buyers i.e. Mumbai only. Price = 5,500/-. Please note its WD Black and not Blue or Green.
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    CPU/Mobo Does Intel 945GCNL mobo support 2TB?

    Hi Friends, Currently I am using Intel 945GCNL Motherboard with Intel Core2duo processor along with 2GB DDR2 RAM. My old Hard drive gave up so now I am planning new one. will it support 2TB??? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB Need Desktop HDD 160 GB or 250GB or 320GB

    Hi friends, My old 3.5" 160 GB hard drive went kaput. so now looking for similar drive of around 160, 250, 320GB. PM me ur offers. I am from Mumbai