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  1. zhopudey

    PC Peripherals Multi Function Printer - for home usage

    I think the Epson L210 is really interesting. Company fitted ciss with warranty :)
  2. zhopudey

    [Spoilers] Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) thread

    You all have made me download all the books again :p Will watch the show again and then start with the books once more.
  3. zhopudey

    Android Sony Xperia Z Tablet thread

    Dude you obsess too much over phones :p Get a canvas hd and be done with it.
  4. zhopudey

    The book I am reading currently

    It'll connect in the end. Jeffrey archer books are generally slow paced. Do read prodigal daughter and shall we tell the president after this book.
  5. zhopudey

    The book I am reading currently

    I hated shiva book 3. Very boring. I've been reading comics for the last few months. A 5" phone is great for comics. I've read iron man volume 3, new avengers volume 1 and 2, Thor vol 2 and 3, planet hulk, world war hulk, dc new 52... and a bunch of other stuff. After a while it all blends...
  6. zhopudey

    Nokia flagship N8 & 808 price drop

    I got a 808 last week for 16k (from zoomin). The cam is of course mind-blowing, but I was pleasantly surprised with belle. It works just fine and has the basics covered. I suppose your dad won't be too much into apps and games - then the 808 would be perfect. Edit: Here are some pics I took...
  7. zhopudey

    WTB Nexus 7

    Yeah, I saw those. Am hoping for something cheaper :P
  8. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    Well I'll be trying roms whether I buy a tab 2 or a nexus.
  9. zhopudey

    WTB Nexus 7

    Want a nexus 7, preferably 32gb for cheap! Hit me with your offers. I'm in Mumbai. Can trade with a 3 month old galaxy grand.
  10. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    Need info on tab 2 10.1 Is it good? Anyone selling it for cheap?
  11. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    Meesa confused now :O 3g or Wifi only? 7" or 10.1? I don't even know much about 10" tabs. Which ones should I consider? I certainly can't afford the nexus 10. How good is the tab 2 10.1?
  12. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    Can't figure out how to carry around a 10.1; I can manage a 7" ok. Edit: Also, I'm only looking for something below 16k, as I don't want to spend too much after selling off my Grand.
  13. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    I've ordered a Nokia 808, and need another device for my Android fix. Don't want to carry 2 phones, so figured a tab would be better for movies and comics. Maybe I can wait and check the tab 3 8.0?
  14. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    Tab 3 didn't add anything, and has a new soc ; so probably less support.
  15. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    Well only 16gb nexus is available here...
  16. zhopudey

    Nexus 7 vs galaxy tab p311

    So I made an impulse buy of the Nokia 808 ( 16k on zoomin). Now I think I should sell off my galaxy grand and get a tab. Am considering either nexus 7 or tab 2 p311. N7 pros - Latest sw always Better rez screen Better at heavy games ( not important to me) Tab 2 pros - SD card slot...
  17. zhopudey

    Samsung Galaxy Note II

    The 12emi option is for all cards. The cash back is only on stan chart and icici.
  18. zhopudey

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    As opposed to the prevalent tendency of thinking that all bollywood movies are crap :p I wonder why I haven't seen anyone post here that they'll stop watching hollywood movies after suffering thru some horrible English movie. Don't tell me there are none of those. Nautanki Saala - 8/10 6...
  19. zhopudey

    Galaxy Mega 5.8 & 6.3 is now official

    The mega 6.3 would be awesome if priced close to 25k. I've never understood what "great build quality" means. I thought it meant a durable device which can withstand daily wear and tear. Well all my cheap cheap plasticky Samsung manage this just great :p The best of Sony Xperia z has an...