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  1. akhilgopal

    FS: Others Miscellaneous stuff: Headphones, Perfumes, SSHD

    Up for sale are the following items: 1. Google Chromecast Gen 2 Condition: 8/10. Purchased more than 2 years back. Price: 1200. 2. Ultimate ears UE 900s. Condition: 9.5/10. I don't generally use in-ears much. So, very hardly used. Was gifted last year by my friend from US. Price: 12000 3...
  2. akhilgopal

    FS: Others Clearance Sale - Watches

    Hi, Up for sale are some of the watches belonging to me and my friend. (Given in the order of the picture) 1. Skagen Gitte Analog Gold Dial Women's Watch - SKW2262 Condition: Unused. 9/10 Price: 2000/- Purchase date: Was gifted 2 years back. 2. Citizen Eco Drive Watch for Men. White Dial...
  3. akhilgopal

    FS: Movie and Music Clearance - Lots of Blurays

    Hi all, Since I got a temporary transfer, I am unable to go forward with the sale and shipping. I will start a new thread as soon as I am back home. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks, Akhil Up for sale include lots of Blurays, some from my collection and rest from my friend's...
  4. akhilgopal

    WTB IEMs

    Hi, Looking for a good pair of IEMs. Specifically, UE TripleFi10/ UE900. PM me know if anyone is planning to sell. Thanks, Akhil
  5. akhilgopal

    WTB Fiio E11

    Kindly PM me if you have any offers for e11 . Thanks in advance, Akhil :)
  6. akhilgopal

    WTB Laptop

    Guys, I'm looking for a Laptop with the following or more specs: i3/i5 processor -- 3rd/2nd generation. Ram -- 4gb or more Hard-disk -- Anything above 320gb will do. Screen size -- 14'' or above. Prefer a very slightly used one. I will be primarily using for browsing and watching...
  7. akhilgopal

    Reliance Thunder plan -good enough ?

    Guys, I'm looking to change my Broadband plan to an Unlimited Plan. Location: Trivandrum, Kerala. Currently, I use two plans : 1. BSNL Combo Plan -600/month - 2mbps - 3gb - Night Unlimited(2-8am). 2. Asianet Broadband - 475/month - 4mbps - 6gb - Night Unlimited(2-8am). Might be...
  8. akhilgopal

    Suggestions for laptop under 60K

    Guys, I'm looking to buy a laptop costing not more than 60K. Requirements : i5/i7 , 1080p resolution preferred or 1600x900 , Screen size - 15/17". Need : 1.Casual gaming : I have a Ps3 to play most of the games. So, I will be using this to play PC/Xbox exclusive games. However, I will try...
  9. akhilgopal

    WTB Malgudi Days Collection

    As the Topic says, I'm looking for Malgudi Days Collection DVD/VCD . Language should be English. If anyone has one, Please PM me.