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  1. Ritvik

    Audio On the lookout for a universal IEM

    Been a while since I've been on here! Such has been the satisfaction with my two current IEMs. I am however on the lookout for a universal IEM and would prefer a single dynamic driver with removable cables. These would be for everyday use and I'm leaning towards a bassy, warm mids and not too...
  2. Ritvik

    FS: Headphone IEMs, Headphones and a Clip+ 4GB

    Selling a few IEMs and a Clip + TAKE NOTE: Will be able to ship only after Independence day. Putting it up early to give prospective buyers some time. Will be in India between the 14th and 20th of AUG '13 only. Anything unsold will make the trip back with me :) Transfer to HDFC Bank A/C or...
  3. Ritvik

    Kindle or Nook - which one?

    Very new to such devices and looking for advice. Never been a tablet fan but very keen on an e-reader of late. In short here's what I'm looking at Cheap (compared to the feature filled ones) Good under all kinds of light Will only be using it as a reader (not sure if the fancy ones do more...
  4. Ritvik

    Breakfast Ham?

    Picked up some ham today :) Also picked up a CLAS solo db For those who want to know a bit more - High Quality Audio | Cypher Labs
  5. Ritvik

    FS: Mobile iPhone 4 16GB Factory Unlocked

    For Sale: iPhone 4 16GB Factory Unlocked - PLEASE NOTE - on sale only till Saturday 15/9 (after which I won't be able to ship it out) Selling on behalf of a friend who's left the country and uses a company issued phone. Phone is in my possession and I'll handle the sale and shipping from...
  6. Ritvik

    Semi-portable nap time rig

    Got my cable a couple of days ago and she's finished! For those weekend power naps :) Headphones: HE-4 Orthodynamic Amp: RSA SR71-B Source: iMod Cables: Copper blackgate cap LOD and a "fonebone" copper custom RSA balanced HE series cable Pillow: Dunlop, Quilt: IKEA's cheapest :hail:
  7. Ritvik

    FS: Home Audio Video Ray Samuels Audio Protector, Sennheiser IE8, UE TripleFi 10, FIREYE 1 Micro Amp

    For sale is some audio equipment I no longer have use for, either upgrading or clearing space. IMPORTANT: please read the following conditions of the sale. Will try to keep things short and as clear as possible. CONDITIONS! I'm currently not at home and won't be able to ship till I'm back...
  8. Ritvik

    Ray Samuels Audio P51 Mustang - Portable Amplifier

    Up for sale is a used P51 mustang. No warranty remaining. In perfect working condition. Minor signs of use that are to be expected, nothing out of the ordinary. Red and black colour scheme. Comes with the RSA box and the original universal charger. Location: Madras Expected Price: Rs...
  9. Ritvik

    Audio Budget DAC suggestions - uDAC 2, MS2 or something else?

    Looking for a low budget DAC. Two reliable and obvious options are the uDac 2 and the Music Streamer 2. The uDac 2 is about USD 130 and the Streamer is in stock in Singapore and sells at SGD 230 (about INR 8000) a little higher than its US rate of USD 150. Any other options in this price...
  10. Ritvik

    PayPal conundrum - adding a credit card issued from a country other than India

    I tried adding one of my credit cards to my PayPal account today. Its a card that was issued in Singapore. I already have my Indian credit card that's been PayPal verified. But when I tried adding the new one my country option is locked to India and the same applies even when I try adding a new...
  11. Ritvik

    Cowon S9 8GB -- Invicta Watch (Swiss Chronograph) -- ATH-M50S

    Cowon S9 8GB - Rs.5500 shipped (a little over a year old, no warranty left, scratchless screen) - Free charger (not usually included in package) - Have to look for the earphones not sure if I've got them. Reason for Sale - using the iMod ATH-M50S - Rs.5200 shipped (Warranty remaining in...
  12. Ritvik

    Audio Low end speakers - Need Suggestions

    Need a pair of low end speakers, budget 5k to 6k (at the most). Will need to pick them up locally (Madras), so if anyone is aware of a store that I can check out that's an added bonus. Wiggle room of about Rs.500 if its worth the difference. Don't want to spend anymore since this is a...
  13. Ritvik

    Portable Audio Rig - nearly complete

    I've had my iems back for quite some time now, finally have a decent cam on the iphone! My portable rig minus the LOD which I broke. Waiting for Jaben to get hold of the ALO ones, its apparently unsafe to use a regular LO cable since the ipod has some of its amp circuitry and capacitors...
  14. Ritvik

    Audio Cheapest MP3 Player with a line out?

    Looking for a cheap portable MP3 source with decent battery life. Something that's either still in production or easily available second hand via ebay or head-fi.......... the cheaper the better. Must have, a dedicated line-out play FLAC or support Rockbox. Good battery life High capacity or...
  15. Ritvik

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10Vi - Newly RMA'ed with remaining warranty

    On hold till Friday the 27th of Sept 2010! - Will update the thread if things change For Sale: TripleFi 10Vi (the TF10's iphone compatible version with mic) - cable can be upgraded to any after-market non-mic cable too. Reason for Sale: Leaning towards to the UM Mage Location: Madras...
  16. Ritvik

    Little Big Planet and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 at Rs.1000 each!

    My few remaining PS3 games are now up for sale :D Little Big Planet - Rs. 1000 shipped Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 - Rs. 1000 shipped Dragon Age Origins - Rs.1400 shipped - SOLD Lego Star Wars (The complete Saga) - Rs.650 shipped - SOLD The Elder Scrolls Oblivion IV - 600 shipped Reason for...
  17. Ritvik

    Windows 7 Home Premium Retail (64 and 32 bit version discs included)-Final Price Drop

    Windows 7 Home Premium - Retail version with both 32 and 64 bit discs - Sold will be shipped out tomorrow (28/8/2010) Reason for Sale: New laptop comes with windows 7 and dad prefers XP on his comp Bought in Jan 2010 - Keys can be reused as its retail and currently unused. Both discs are in...
  18. Ritvik

    Invicta Chronograph Watch - Price drop - On sale till Tuesday!

    Selling a brand new, 100% original, Swiss Made, Professional Diver's Watch, Chronograph with screw down crown and buttons. Comes with special edition box, all papers and cards with 4 straps (1 +3). Metal, Leather, Rubber and a Metal+Rubber combo straps all included. Price of New: About $500 -...
  19. Ritvik

    Alessandro Grado MS-1 with Orthodynamic drivers

    Up for sale are my Alessandro Grado MS-1 with SFI Orthodynamic drivers. They lack bass but are otherwise great. Using them with an amp is advisable. Price: Rs.4000 + shipping Reason for sale: Leaving the country for over year, won't be carrying much of my stuff with me and I don't want to...
  20. Ritvik

    Omega Automatic (Replica)

    Right. Up for sale is brand new REPLICA Omega. Its a friends watch, he got 6 of them from a business associate and wanted to sell the last one after giving away the others. The watch is in my possession, I'll be the one shipping it out from Madras. It's in pristine shape. Never worn, see...