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  1. Oyster

    WTB Motherboard and Cpu with particular specs

    WTB anynone of the following: 1) Asus Prime B350 Plus motherboard 2) MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard 4) Any other AM4 mobo with a PCI slot (I don't think there were any other than the above two, but could be wrong) 3) Intel cpu + mobo combo that has: i) Proc must have Integrated GPU and Mobo...
  2. Oyster

    FS: Headphone Philips Wireless/Nc Headphones - TAPH 805BK

    For Sale - Philips TAPH 805BK NC Wireless Headphones Cosmetic and working condition 9/10 All Accessories Included including the 3.5mm cable (Not pictured) Location - Jaipur 7 months old Invoice Available
  3. Oyster

    WTB Sony DRU880S/870S DVD Writer

    Looking for this make and model in working condition Sony DRU 880S or 870S Or any other Sony make Sata Internal ROM....
  4. Oyster

    FS: Others Seasonic SSR-650RT S12G Series 650W Power Supply

    Available for sale is Seasonic SSR-650RT S12G Series 650W Power Supply. 80+ Gold Certified 650W Rated output Bought in October 2018 Bought as backup for S12II 620 currently being used in my system Had used it for around 8 months and has been lying in the box since Nov. 2019 In perfectly...
  5. Oyster

    FS: Home Audio Video Schiit Gungnir Multibit Analog 2 DAC

    Schiit Gungnir Multibit Analog 2 DAC Gen V USB 3 months Old 5Yr Warranty Price - 104999/- Shipped
  6. Oyster

    FS: Others Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon Echo Dot 6 months old Warranty - NA (US purchase) Rs. 2300 shipped / 2k local pickup
  7. Oyster

    FS: Others Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

    Product URL Condition - As good as new. 3 Weeks old Warranty remaining - None (Bought from amazon US) Location - Bangalore Price - 2600 shipped/2500 local pickup Reason for sale - Wanted to see what these streaming devices...
  8. Oyster

    FS: Desktops PC Components

    Processor - AMD Phenom II X2 560 1K + Shipping Motherboard - Asus M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3 2.5k + Shipping (Bought in Nov. 2016, should still be under warranty) Sold RAM - DDR3 2GB+2GB Rs.700 Each Shipped SMPS - Antec VP500PC Rs.2K + Shipping ; but would prefer Local Pickup for this (Only 2 months...
  9. Oyster

    AM4 ATX Motherboard with PCI Slot

    Looking for a AM4 ATX Motherboard with PCI Slot. Following two models have it: 1) Asus Prime B350 Plus 2) MSI B350 Gaming Plus Asus is what I would prefer. Anyone willing to part with theirs, please PM me.
  10. Oyster

    FS: Home Audio Video ESI Juli@ XTE Bought 2 months back, forgot to ask for invoice. May have to check with dealer if its a must. Having realized how much better even this cheap digital transport sounds over SPDIF converters, am planning to go for either top end RME or Lynx interfaces...
  11. Oyster

    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte GA AB350 Gaming 3 AM4 Motherboard RMA'd 2 months back, Primary BIOS Chip replaced Also open to trade with Asus B350 prime or MSI B350 Gaming/tomahawk. What you get in turn is an optical out and way advanced audio codec (alc892 vs 1220) with onboard...
  12. Oyster

    FS: Home Audio Video Viborg Schuko and IEC Plugs

    Description: Rhodium plated Red copper Schuko+IEC pair IEC used once, Schuko still seal packed. Should pair well with warm sounding chain. No go with neutral/Bright equipment. Price - 1100/- Shipped Rhodium Plated 99.99% pure...
  13. Oyster

    FS: Home Audio Video Riva Turbo X Bluetooth Speaker and carry case

    !!SOLD!! Description - Condition - As good as new. Local buyers preferred. Shipping at actuals and at buyers risk. Contact only if ok with the price.
  14. Oyster

    PC Peripherals Bluetooth Dongle for Lenovo K380

    Hi All, Need some help over getting a compatible bluetooth dongle for Lenovo K380. There are several available online but none guarantees successful pairing with wireless keyboards. Kindly suggest.
  15. Oyster

    FS: Motherboard MSI NF725GM-P31 (Socket AM3)

    Perfectly working condition 7 days of testing warranty. Local buyers preferred. Shipping at actuals and at buyer's risk.
  16. Oyster

    FS: Home Audio Video Custom OTL Headphone Amplifier

    For sale is a DIY OTL Tube headphone amplifier Included tubes: Sale Price: 19k with CSF 6080 + BEL ECC88/Amperex Orange Globe 18k with Russian 6080 + BEL ECC88/Amperex Orange Globe 17k with no tubes Shipping - Split Location - Bangalore
  17. Oyster

    FS: MP3 Player Sandisk Clip Sport 8GB

  18. Oyster

    FS: Games PS4 and PS3 games

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) - rs850 Mass Effect 3 (PS3) - SOLD Drive Club (PS4) - SOLD Little Big Planet 3 (PS4) - rs. 1500 The Order 1886 (PS4 )- rs.2500
  19. Oyster

    FS: Headphone Embedded Hybrid Headphone Amplifier (EHHA Rev A) & Yamaha HP50A Orthodynamic Headphones

    Embedded Hybrid Headphone Amplifier with 4 Tube Pairs. 2 from Mullard and 2 from Telefunken Yamaha HP50A vintage orthodynamic headphones (Recabled and modded by forum member Titana) Price : 15K for AMP (1 pair tubes included) (Local pickup only) 5K shipped for three pair of tubes...