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  1. assender

    Galaxy fold breaking?

    Was thinking of buying the new fold phone, today noticed all the news about it breaking (the screen in particular). Anyone here have this device or experienced issues with it? :0
  2. assender

    Graphic Cards Buying cards used for mining.

    So I'm going to build a new setup, one of the people I know is selling used cards, they were in a mining rig which was active for like a half a year (I trust that the parts were not abused or anything because I know him pretty well), but was wondering if anyone here had some experience with...
  3. assender

    Activity trackers

    What kind of activity trackers are you using on your daily routines? What are the most important stats for you? How accurate they are?
  4. assender

    Graphic Cards 2070 vs 2080

    Happened, that my whole setup died, and i have to start everything from 0. I used to have 1070 and was very happy with that, but i guess its not worth getting it anymore. Mainly, thinking about getting 2070, but still asking for oppinion. So which one is more worth in for investing to?
  5. assender


    Just a casual guy who works in IT and is interested in hardware. Read a lot of this forum before deciding to join up ✌