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    FS: Mobile HTC Sensation 4G

    HTC Sensation 4G in good condition for sale . Product Name: HTC Sensation 4G Expected Price: Rs 14 K--Now 13k! Shipping charges : At actuals Description if any: Very good condition, used carefully. Unlocked. You can see the pictures. Comes with a Samsung usb cable and charger. Reason...
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    Anyone here has Riff Box?

    Hey Guys! Do anyone of you have a Riff Box with you? It would really be awesome if anyone who has can help me out. I can send you the phone, you can recover and send me back, I can also pay some fees if you like :) Let me know, would really appreciate it. My location is Kolkata, so anyone...
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    Anyone here with a good ebay seller account? Need some help

    If anyone here has a good standing ebay seller account ( I mean, who has done good number of sales on ebay and is considered a good and trusted seller ) If you have, please drop me a pm, It would be a great help :) Thanks
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    Iphone 3gs and Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

    SOLD and Shipped.
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    LG G2X ( Optimus 2X) and Samsung Galaxy S 4g

    SOLD and Shipped.
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    iPhone 3g and iPhone 3gs combo - 24k!

    SOLD and Shipped.
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    iPhone 3g 8gb black - 10.5k!

    SOLD and Shipped.
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    Apple iPhone 2G (Perfect condition)

    Hey Guys! Up for sale is my Iphone 2g with OS 3.0 ...unlocked and jailbroken!, was using it with Airtel with no problems at all. The phone is in very good condition and was always kept in soft cover, no scratches on the front of the phone and marginal ones on the back. Will be giving a griffins...
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    EVGA 8800TGS 640mb ddr3

    Up for sale is a EVGA 8800TGS 640mb ddr3 pci-e card, in good condition, in warranty by evga us.1 weeks testing warranty from my side.No bill, no local warranty. Its my friends card and he has upgraded to newer cards, hence the are some crappy pics :P Anybody interested can shoot...
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    can someone with paypal and SBI account help?

    Hello friends! I need to buy a account of a site using paypal, would be great if any of you can buy it for me, i will pay in cash with my SBI account...thanks! Need to buy something worth ~15$ only. Would be greatly appreciated! Regards Jack
  11. J cell number please...URGENT

    Hey Guys! Can someone here please give me cell number of , its urgent.. Thanks :) Jack
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    Car & Bike Car Suggestion <= 5 lks, good mileage and good looking

    Hello everyone..! My dad is looking for a car around a budget of 5 lakhs, he is 6 ft tall and would like to have a car that looks good and most importantly has very low running cost as he would be using it daily....he is thinking of CNG models...may be diesel... Would be really helpfull if you...
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    Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card ( Price Drop!)

    Pics here, rest above..... Creative X-Fi Sound card- Rs 2400+shipping No holding no crapping :@ , pm me if you are interested and if you have any suggestion. Good day to all of you :hap2: Jack
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    Steel Series Ikari Optical

    Hey Guys! Looking to buy a Ikari optical mouse? any1 has one? pm me offers :) Jack
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    FS: Evga 8800GS Superclocked edition

    I have a Evga 8800gs 384mb ddr3 superclocked edition for sale, it was brought by a friend from US and it has US lifetime warranty... i am currently using the card and it works like a charm, will give 1 week testing warranty Product link - Evga 8800gs Price- 4.5k+ shipping Here are some pics...