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    Wifi Router For Small Office

    Hi All, We have a small home office with about 25 machines, the problem we are facing is overcrowding our wifi network. We have about 3 wireless routers E4500, E4200 and E2500 all using different Internet connections. which cant seem to handle the load. we have heavy packet loss issues with...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    After looking at the LIAN LI, i decided the CM Storm Stryker looks better. ... storm trooper with a side window would be nice to. Need to hunt a place to buy it. Flipkart is out of stock and at the higher end of the price spectrum. Any where else i can look to buy it? any suggestions. Sethia in...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    @ALPHA17 thanks for the suggestions. The Cooler Master Storm Stryker is certainly very interesting. Lot less mesh. The Corsair Obsidian 800D at clost 17k makes me wonder if i can look for LIAN LI as well. HAFX seems to be a lot of mesh which again will get bit to dusty. I cant find a local...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    Hola all. I am looking to buy a full size cabinet. I am currently using a CM 690. I have two problems with this 1) Mesh Design -- It gets very dusty here and mesh design makes it look really bad. 2) The cabinet is extremely congested. With two big GTX 580's and a Air cooler It can get very...
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    Get attractive discounts when you use your ICICI® debit, credit card & Net Banking to shop on eBay India for the ICICI codes.
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    Graphic Cards Why do ppl consider NVIDIA superior?

    Having used premier cards from both (own a GTX580) it came down to what game i was playing the most at that time. When i got the GTX 580 i was playing Age of Conan. I played it on a ATi 4650 and then a 4850 and a 5850 but there was a huge difference when i moved to nvidia , simply because the...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I have 2 zotac GTX 460 how much do these sell for now ? they were bought in September 2010
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    Experience with Tradus

    This was not a purchase done on TE, but since a whole bunch of you might be buying stuff from them I just wanted to highlight a issue I faced and still am facing with them. Last week I had purchased 2 Belts from Tradus .. I wanted to buy 2 mobiles as gifts so was doing a test run since i have...
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic - Discussion Thread

    You can use KEy and play in both US and EU server ... the game gives the option to select the server (US/EU) been playing for some time now . For those who want to get the key head CD key warehouse, its a aussie website and once buy the key head on to game website set a account and add the key...
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    Laptops Looking for a good Laptop need suggestions and help

    My office is in need of a couple of laptops and i am looking for some suggestions and thoughts about the various brands. what i am looking for : 4 Gigs Ram decent pros capable of handling some moderate to heavy compiling work. 3-5 hours battery life. good after sales service preferable a...
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    Reliance Flat Fee Unlimited vs/ Airtel 2MBPS or $ MBPS unlimited

    just make sure you get the local reliance tech guy's phone number ... never call the reliance customer care.
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    i7/mobo/ram or x6/mobo/ram

    Got a I7 ROG Asus motherboard about 8 months old + 6 Gigs of Ram from Gskill 7-6-7-24 Ram let me know of intertest and we can work on the price.
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    How reliable is reliance chennai ?? for broad band internet

    only if yo have to choose between airtel /bsnl and reliance and have no other choice... well you don't see people near you in network neighborhood with that do you ?
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    How reliable is reliance chennai ?? for broad band internet

    Positive > no FUP .... > Not had any down time so far. negative > pings are not stable ... in games i got very huge variance starts around 190ms but then goes upto 4k all of a sudden > connection is a shared WAN so speeds sometimes comes down during peak times(mostly sunday in...
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    [WANTED] Intel Core i7 Gaming System Required For 80K Max (Including monitor).

    Its more like Asus courier agent i am having problems with ... i called Asus on monday and they have been calling daily to check if the motherboard has been picked up or not ... the courier company has not bothered to turn up so far ... probably might end up going to there office myself ... if i...
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    [WANTED] Intel Core i7 Gaming System Required For 80K Max (Including monitor).

    Better to go for what DarkAngel suggested ... the fact is richi street if you are coming here all the way doesn't stock high end motherboards ... after going up and down the street for 3 hours i found one shop that had a Gigabyte x58A- UD5 almost 99% of the shop have only one motherboard for the...
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    Recurring issues with Airtel Broadband

    Re: TIRED of being FU*KED by AIRTEL AGAIN and AGAIN...... WHAT TO DO?? the phone is purely your choice ... i don't have a use for it and so didn't take it ( don't want my desk to be more cluttered) .. this connection is a WAN( they use a modem kinda device for the phone) so the connection is...
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    CPU/Mobo Confused to DEATH with SLI mobo!!

    SLI for anything less then 1920X1080 is wasting the second card ... at lower resolutions the CPU gets hit more then the GPU, f you look at GTX 460 scalability chart .. it starts to bloom only at 1920X1080+ were it gives scalability of around 80%. I would also never use 2x GTX 460 with the cm...
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    Recurring issues with Airtel Broadband

    Re: TIRED of being FU*KED by AIRTEL AGAIN and AGAIN...... WHAT TO DO?? Well to look at the alternative ... i was in the same except i was paying 1699 for 256Kbps ... so i cancelled and went to reliance ... and the grass is certainly greener here ... though i am paying 1399 for 1Mbps day and 2...