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    Wifi Router For Small Office

    Hi All, We have a small home office with about 25 machines, the problem we are facing is overcrowding our wifi network. We have about 3 wireless routers E4500, E4200 and E2500 all using different Internet connections. which cant seem to handle the load. we have heavy packet loss issues with...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for Full Size Cabinet

    Hola all. I am looking to buy a full size cabinet. I am currently using a CM 690. I have two problems with this 1) Mesh Design -- It gets very dusty here and mesh design makes it look really bad. 2) The cabinet is extremely congested. With two big GTX 580's and a Air cooler It can get very...
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    Experience with Tradus

    This was not a purchase done on TE, but since a whole bunch of you might be buying stuff from them I just wanted to highlight a issue I faced and still am facing with them. Last week I had purchased 2 Belts from Tradus .. I wanted to buy 2 mobiles as gifts so was doing a test run since i have...
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    Laptops Looking for a good Laptop need suggestions and help

    My office is in need of a couple of laptops and i am looking for some suggestions and thoughts about the various brands. what i am looking for : 4 Gigs Ram decent pros capable of handling some moderate to heavy compiling work. 3-5 hours battery life. good after sales service preferable a...
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    Sapphire HD 5850

    Sapphire HD 5850 PRICE REVISED Rs.12800 As title says selling my 6 months old HD 5850 . SOLD Brand : Sapphire. Warranty Left : 2 years and 6 months Bill : Yes Reason for sale : Upgraded to Gtx 460 SLI . Price : 12800 + shipping. PICs : Uploaded with This card...
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    The new Beast

    After 2 weeks of confusion and uncertainty finally ended up buying 2 of these monsters.... Presenting the Zotac Gtx 460 1 GB in SLI ... Uploaded with still not completely tested... will post my thoughts as i get to work them more over the weekend.
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    FCC: "Broadband" in US now means 4Mb/s down, 1Mb/s up

    source Interesting development ... will this make the other governments revise there existing policies ?
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    Intel Quad Q8400// EP45 UD3L// 4 GB Corsair Gaming RAM

    Ep45 ud3l @ 3500 Gigabyte EP45 UD3L Date Of Purchase : June last year Purchased From : Sree Infotech Chennai. Reason for sale : Upgraded Purchased price : 7800 Selling Price :3500/- + shipping @ actuals Bill : Yes warranty :Yes Uploaded with
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    Reliance Night Booster Zoom 1

    So after after 4 long years and many frustrations and runs ins with the customer care. Finaly decided its time to move on and stop using my 1699 1mbps unlimted .... i am looking at several options ... as of now the one that looks the best is the following plan from Reliance Reliance Night...
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    OC & Modding Best place to buy modding stuff in chennai

    Hello there as the topic says ... i am looking to buy some CCFL/ fan controller around chennai , dont want to buy these online and richi street seems not to understand the word modding and pc in the same sentence, so any pointers and shops were these were purchased before would be welcome...
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    Huge Variance in Prices

    For past week i was strongly debating about getting myself a second HD 5850 .... now i saw random posts in TE where i saw members claiming the price has come down to 15 ksh(new one) ... infact when i got the first card back in Feb i got it for 15900shipped ... but i have checked locally in...
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    Graphic Cards 3 D laptops anyone ?

    Source : Nvidia Shows 13 New Notebooks With Optimus, Mysterious Toshiba Notebook, More 3D Vision Systems
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    My Latest Build

    After months of waiting ... well few months anyway finaly got part of my rig done ... still a few bits and peices to be completed ... Upgrade : Core I7 930 -->14300 Rampage II Gene --> 14600 Gskill RAM 6 GB kit --->11100 Aoc monitor---> 8400 G15 Keyboard ---> 4200 ( still awaiting...
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    Core i7

    Q: What is your budget? 35 to 45 k ( lower the better) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) check sig Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) cm 690, corsair H50, AOC 22", HD 5850, HX650, both...
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    OC & Modding Variance in Core temps

    Overclocked my Q8400 to 3.2 Ghz and was running Prime 95 ... observed that core 0 temps were around mid 60s where as core 1 to 3 where at 52 C max for the entire process. Trying to find if this variation in core temps is normal ... not been able to get a lot of information, read that the...
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    Shattered Horizon

    Got three free passes which can used for a limited time ... for those that didnt know its a mulitplayed FPS game ... got for free from sappire and also got three additonal passes... you will need a steam id for this. If anyone is intersted leave a msg here i will pm the code. Only three...
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    PC Peripherals Best Backlit Keyboard

    As title says i am looking for a backlit keyboard ... not really need any extra keys apart from the standard ones and dont need any of the so called gaming keyboard ... only real purpose is that i dont to search for keys in the dark :bleh: budget isnt a real concern but i dont want to sped to...
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    PS3 with DVI input moniter

    Well as the topic reads been considering getting myself a PS3, one of the many limitations with that is i dont have a HD-TV and dont want to get one now. I do however have a full hd moniter(listed in sig) but it only has DVI/VGA input. I have seen converters for this, but i dont get a clear...
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    Airtel Downtime ?

    Anyone from chennai having problems accessing the internet ? .... been able to access like 3 websites and having the problem with two diffrent airtel connections my main connection able to access 3 or 4 sites.. second connection(diffrent line) zero connectivity. Not been able to reach...
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    Hx650 !

    Been looking to update my PSU for some time so finaly got my hands on this ...!