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    PC Peripherals Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

    Planning to buy Logitech G pro mouse from US through a friend. Does Logitech offer warranty in India for products bought in US? Are there any other gaming mouse brands which does?
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    iOS iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

    Anyone know the cost of replacing a battery for IPhone 11 128GB model from the authorised service centre?
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    Budget 0-20k Need advice on USB Hub

    I have a laptop and PC. I use wired keyboard and mouse. I connect the laptop to the PC monitor via HDMI and the PC to Monitor via Display Port. Need a good USB hub which has HDMI and 3 USB 3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet to switch keyboard and mouse easily to desktop. Laptop has USB C PD port...
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    WTB Need i7 9700k

    Ping me with best price
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    Other Mobile phone prices and depreciation in values ?

    amazon price for new mobile is 131900. phones depreciate 20% within a month of buying. now its 8 months old and hence it would consider a 40% reduction in the price. 80k would be appropriate for this mobile now.
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    WTB Display Port cable 1.2

    looking to buy Display Port cable 1.2
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    WTB RTX 2080 Super

    Want a RTX 2080 Super. PM me with offers