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    CPU/Mobo Help regarding motherboard compatibilty with Corsair 750 W PSU

    So guys help me out with this. I recently decided to upgrade my PSU and graphic card. I have bought a Corsair 750 W PSU. I have Gigabyte M61PME-S2 motherboard. The 1 x 24 pin ATX connector of PSU fits correctly in motherboard. The old PSU utilized 1 x 4 pin 12V ATX power connector. But there...
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    Monitors Monitor problem while playing with PS3

    I have a Acer 19" inch monitor. I connected my PS3 to monitor using HDMI to DVI-D connector. The problem is some part of right hand side of the screen is not shown. This is irritating while playing games as some text on right hand side get buried. I tried all the settings on PS3 and monitor but...
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    PC Peripherals Which is better - Seasonic or Corsair?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a new PSU. It will be a 850W PSU. I just want to know which company is better to buy PSU - Seasonic or Corsair.
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    Prince of Persia Sands of Time Triology question -***SPOILER***

    Just completed the POP Trilogy with Two Thrones. It was a truly amazing experience. Nice story, nice gameplay and a very satisfying ending. But there is one thing i didn't understand. Who created the Sands of Time in first place?? The hourglass with Sands which we encounter in the first part...
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    Vanquish - Futuristic shooter

    Saw this amazing trailer on 1up. The game releases in October. First Trailer for Platinum Games' Vanquish
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    Graphic Cards Help me on buying a graphic card.

    I believe there are tons of threads like this, I have gone through most of them but still unable to make my mind. I want to buy XFX GTX 275, looks like it is not available. Only Palit, MSI ones are available, which I am unable to trust. Now there are new cards like GTX 460, 470 and GTX 480...
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    Mass Effect - Choppy cutscenes

    I installed v1.02 patch for Mass Effect. Seems to have solved the Genral Protection Error crashes and freeze ups.After the patching, the sound started to crackle. The sound problem is now solved, but I have got another problem. The cutscenes have now become choppy. During a cutscence, it just...
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    Watch this and drool

    Watch this and drool. E3 Video Treasure Trove - News at GameSpot
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    Poorly rated/less popular game you loved most.

    Popular games like Halo, COD, GTA, Mario, MGS are loved by gamers and critics alike in genera. These games sell in tons and earn a eye popping critic rating. Many like them, some hate them And there are games which are rated very poorly by critics but loved by gamers. Also there are games...
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    :S Mass Effect game runs without a DVD !!!

    I recently bought a Mass Effect (Original and sealed) DVD from Ebay. It was all standard packaging like the key was present on the booklet. I installed it on my PC. Interestingly, it didnt do any internet activation. Also, it runs without DVD. I am confused. Did anyone experienced the same? Is...
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    Monitors Need info on Viewsonic VX 2739 - 27" LCD Monitor with 1ms response time.

    I want to buy a LCD monitor for my PC, which I will be using for console (PS3, XBOX 360) gaming. I came across this monitor : ViewSonic - Products - VX2739wm I find this 27" inch LCD monitor totally ideal for my requirements. Could anybody answer the following questions regarding the...
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    Monitors Need Viewsonic 27inch LCD Monitor- VX2739

    I have a 19inch Acer monitor. The maximum resolution supported by this monitor is 1400 x 900. Its working fine, but now I want to upgrade it. I read about the following Viewsonic VX2739 27inch monitor: I believe it is ideal for both PC and Console...