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    FS: Cabinets Brand New/Unused - NZXT H510 - Black - Pickup available in Pune

    The case is brand-new. Ordered from Amazon. Arrived this morning. I have ordered this for my niece but looks like now she wants a SFF case so she can carry it back home during semester breaks. This available for local pickup in Pune. Giving a discount of 900rs. Invoice available. Product Name...
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    Audio Mic for recording songs on mobile phone

    My cousin has started a youtube channel recently. She happens to be a good singer and her channel is getting some traction. I want to gift her a mic as recording on phone seems to mess up the audio. What would be a good mic for good quality audio recording which connects to her phone? I am not...
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    PC Peripherals 140mm silent case fans - Which ones and where to buy from?

    I am looking to buy 3-4 140mm case fans for my new case. I checked Amazon, mdcomputers, itdepot and primeabgb. Either fans are too expensive or they have LEDs. Don't we get normal fans anymore? Noctua fans are super expensive. Don't remember it being this expensive. Preferred price would be...
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    Storage Solutions Recommendation for a Case for HDDs

    Looking to build a NAS with with all the disks i have collected over these years. I have rest of the hardware (CPU, mobo, PSU etc). This will be a low power NAS for plex storage, some work and other data I don't want to delete. No transcoding, VM, docker etc on it. All cases I see these days...
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    PC Peripherals PSU for i5, GTX 460, 5 HDDs

    Looks like my Tagan 700 BZ died all of a sudden. Its tripping breaker whenever I turn it on. I have an i5 2500k with a basic intel motherboard (h67 i think), a GTX 460 and 5 HDDs. Not looking to buy anything super expensive/modular etc. Something reliable should do. Which Power Supply would you...
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    Need new LED TV Budget:25-40K

    I am planning to buy a new LED tv this week. I have been looking at Micromax 42 inch UHD tv. It seems like a good deal at 35K: Following are points I am considering: 1. This is a stopgap TV to watch TV shows and little...
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    WTB Google Nexus 7

    I need two Google Nexus 7. Please PM me your offers.
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    Samsung NP300E5Z vs ASUS X53SC - i5 4GB RAM 1GB Nvidia gfx

    My brother ordered ASUS X53SC - (Paid ~32000 with coupon) The dealer called yesterday, mentioned that its and end of life model and instead he will upgrade to Samsung 3 series NP300E5Z. -...
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    Camera Need To Buy Xd Card

    I need xD card for an olypus camera. Getting one for 1600 - The price was about 1100 last month. Few days back i spotted one for 1249 (I forgot about rs...
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    Bangalore : 2 Metallica Tickets available

    Not sure where to post it. Mods please move to correct section if needed. A friend is selling 2 tickets to Metallica concert (Bangalore, not Delhi). Reason: Couple of friends backed out. PM me and I'll pass you his contact details. Thanks
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    Quad Core CPU with Motherboard

    I need a quad core cpu + motherboard combo. Processor should be >= Q6600 Both CPU and mobo should support Intel VT-x (Virtualization) Budget: ~7000. If its higher I would probably go for a i5. Thanks
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    CPU/Mobo Upgrading: CPU + Mobo + RAM suggestions

    My Current setup is: E6600 Asus P5B Wifi AP Gskill 2x1GBHZ 800Mhz (I have 4 but using only 2. Other two sticks need replacement maybe) 460GTX Other: Tagan BZ 700W + 6 HDDs etc Usage: Mostly programming related - Visual studio, Eclipse etc. VMWare/Virtualbox - Intend to run 2-3...
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    Anyone watching "Human Target"?

    A friend recommended to me and gave me few episodes. The cast is pretty good. Lots of good action. And plots are like Bond everyday. More like Daniel Craig's version, very physical. Quite a good watch. Post up your thoughts
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    Machine needed for 25k

    This is for my brother. Needs mostly for work and movies. can not buy online as I am not in bangalore and he needs it assembled. So Ankit or Golccha I think. Regarding his work, he connects to company vpn and works directly on his server, so no hefty compiling power needed. Q: What is your...
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    Creative Answers

    No matter how far our exams are dumbed down, it seems it's not far enough for today's pupils. But rather than admit defeat in the face of tricky questions, some decide to take a more creative approach to their answers.
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    How long would you survive?

    The Oatmeal this site is hilarious.
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    Is this landslide news on any channels?

    Weird, I saw this on a chinese site through google news. Massive landslide kills 43, injures 100 in India_English_Xinhua 43 people died and I still cant see it on IBN, NDTV, timesofindia sites.
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    Brand New CM Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler - 1900 (Shipped)

    Posting this on behalf of Sunny27 ============================================== Bought this yesterday for my ASUS A8NE (939) setup. The Cooler does not fit as it needs 4 mounting holes and my board has only 2. Purchased from PrimeABGB for 1950 + shipping. Brand New. Unused. Opened only to...
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    Cup noodles alternative?

    Need options for avoiding starvation this Diwali holidays. probably for next 5-6 days. Don't plan to go out much. Stores may be closed here for many days as people say. So I need to hoard some stuff. Already have some maggie. But I will get bored of monotonous taste, so need few other options...
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    Man blames cat for downloading porn

    Good start for the day! Man blames cat for downloading porn