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    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    1. immune system is able to knock out the virus fast enough without causing a cytokine storm / able to "swalpa adjust maadi" (BLR slang - "tolerate/adjust a bit" ) to the virus / immune system does not recognize the virus / less ACE-2 receptors ? 2. continuing to shed virus for a longer period...
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    Market section - scams with compromised accounts
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    Like Chinese goods avoid MRCP/MRCS specialists

    That is so true, often regardless of their level of honesty. Why do they do that? Speaking from my own experience with some, not all doctors, some older members in the family have difficulty expressing their questions / fears to a doctor and instead pour out their worries to family members...
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    Amazon India Escalation

    Second that. CC has gone to shite recently. I too have decided to treat them like the old and only buy cheap junk from them. I've found other online dealers offering better customer service and prices too when contacted. That looks the most likely reason for such behavior...
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    Flipkart deals

    Yep, noticed this too. is now pulling the same crap that used to do regarding warranty. And not just no name manufacturers, even for the biggies products. Sure fire way to go down the toilet .... fast.
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    Poor Hard disk packaging by Amazon

    Appario & Cloudtail are Amazon fulfilled and therefore there is no consistency as to how HDD's are packaged. It depends on the fulfillment center and/or the person at the fulfillment center and no amount of complaining to Amazon appears to make a difference in HDD packaging from their...
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    Amazon India lightning deals Crucial 1TB m.2 NVMe @ 8499 1596674289 Crucial 1TB SATA SSD @ 9999
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Now on amazon too with a price match:
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Thanks for the headsup. I needed one of these and grabbed it while it was available. Only problem is registering the SSD at Samsung's website shows Out of Warranty status as indicated in the product reviews at Amazon The clueless idiots at Samsung CC just copy and paste a standard e-mail...
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    Can anyone suggest me Fast and Safe File Sharing App for android?

    Try Nothing to install. Browser based(Chrome / Firefox). Open Source. It works fine as long as both devices are on the same network This one is an app which also works only with devices on the same lan
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    Amazon India lightning deals
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    Android Is OnePlus Chinese ??

    Second that. I saw a lot of weird behavior on several Chinese origin devices at the height of the recent standoff. Some devices such as a TV boxes, smart remotes etc. monentarily glitched after years of trouble free ops but continue to work while others such as IP Cameras, smart lights etc...
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    Are BigRocks VPS's any good? They're @51% off for today.

    Check Their entry unmanaged VPS looks to be close to the Bigrock 51% off offer.
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    Looking for colo facilities - Bangalore

    Any recommendations?
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    Unauthorized inflation that results in things getting costlier. Financial terrorism. See
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    Is Mega banned in India? See this referenced in the first link for the gory details
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    Is Mega banned in India?

    The Airtel block that results in a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR for mega and other sites does not appear to be at the DNS level. Looks like they are DPI'ng and doing a connection RST. There is an ongoing discussion on another IN forum that is mostly internet/broadband related stuff.
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    A good NAS?

    The WD Red EFAX (as opposed to EFRX) supposedly are SMR drives . Just a heads-up to make sure that you don't end up with this specific model (not recommended for use in a NAS). My experience with the Seagate Ironwolf drives has actually been better than the WD Reds (EFRX). Three Reds failed...