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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    +1 for ignoring lowballers. They won't stay away. Even if you put up the card for 30k, there'd be some who would ask to sell it at 15k. Just ignore them.
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    The only portion which is a bit arbitrary is the 40% bonus lol, and which I mentioned in 2080Ti's favor generously. Otherwise if you really go by perf numbers, there isn't a 40% gap between 2080Ti and 3070. It's more like 2-4% and even there in few games 3070 is ahead and vice versa. The...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    A good way to figure out the price is to look at it from the market standpoint. E.g. 3070FE is 44.5k 3070FE is said to be almost similar to 2080Ti but there are few things that your 2080Ti has an advantage on (3GB more memory, more Cuda/Tensor/RT cores, higher memory bandwidth, AIB v/s FE...
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    Request for Products here

    Is it possible for you to get a ground loop isolator for 3.5 mm? I've been searching all around but didn't get any. Also, any idea if Cowon EM1 and Soundmagic E10m & MP21 mic/button work with Nexus 4?
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    Best Inverter AC in India? Edit: Bought Sharp AH-XP18MV (AC discontinued)

    Guys, what's the lowest price for sharp inverter 1.5 ton in hyderabad? I can find the least price as 47k including installation. Stabilizer extra. Also, I need to buy another AC for my drawing room but it has a doorway without a door that joins the lobby. I can put a curtain there at max. Can I...
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    Android Mobile Phone Thread

    Awesome news, guys.. Amazon app store now works in India. No hacking/workarounds needed. Even free app of the day deals work :) Just go to on your phone, install, sign in to your amazon account and off you go :)
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    How to automate Megaupload, Rapidshare etc downloads ?

    You can also try pyLoad ( It is based on python and can be run on any OS. I run it on my headless router and it can be controlled through web browser, or remote GUI and even an android app.
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    Beam cable Hyd 2mbps@999

    AWESOME NEWS!!! Beam has upgraded the speeds. (At least for 4mbps subscribers). I have now been upgraded to 15mbps for no additional cost YIPPEEE! :D
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    Bharti Airtel to Sell Apple’s iPhone 4 in India - Its official now.

    ^^ It is applicable because: 1. Your phone is locked to Airtel "network", not number. So, you are free to move your number but your phone will become worthless. 2. They can even make you sign a contract (but probably won't because they don't subsidize the cost of the handset in India). But...
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    Android Mobile Phone Thread

    ^^ Google contacts works pretty well. My guess is when you added the contacts on your phone, you added them to your rseven account and not your google account on the phone and hence they didn't get synced. What you can do for the first time is export your contacts to a vcard file or something...
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    Xbox 360 kinect on PS3

    Thanks for the appreciation, Guys :)
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    The Windows Phone 7 thread

    updated to mango :P
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    How to start learning programming for android

    Re: android Android Developers
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    Xbox 360 kinect on PS3

    Thanks for posting this, Sackboy :)
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    Linux Basic Batch file scripting help

    u can use cygwin sleep when in windows. Or simple, compile a 5 line c program to do it :P
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    Help: finding a free VPS for personal use.

    If all you want is collaboration, then use github.
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    CD + network audio player

    Hi Guys I need to buy a new audio system (preferably a micro-hifi/mini-fi/shelf type system) which has the following things: Must have: - CD Player - Network playback - DLNA support - Line in playback Nice to have: - Wi-fi - Apple airplay support - Apple dock - Cassette support Any options...
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    Energenie Power Meter - Kill-A-Watt for India!

    I'd be in for 1 too if there is a GO :)
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    Linux Which CMS/Website Software to choose?

    +1 for wordpress. Drupal & Joomla are way too cumbersome for a personal blog cum site..