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  1. Karthik G

    FS: Others Aukey 4-port 48W quick charge car charger

    have a friend who would also want to sell this charger, hence re-posting on his behalf.
  2. Karthik G

    WTB LG G8x under warranty

    Velvet 5G?
  3. Karthik G

    WTB Dell Inspiron 5547 laptop compatible motherboard

    Dell inspiron 5547 board needed, with or without dGPU. Ref:
  4. Karthik G

    WTB Laptops in budget.

    Have a Dell 5547 - core i5-4210 + 8GB DDR3 + HDD removed + HD touch screen - battery needs to be replaced though PM if interested
  5. Karthik G

    WTB Wanna trade my mint macbook pro 15" 2015 with a gaming laptop.

    Just curious - why not use bootcamp to run windows in the macbook itself?
  6. Karthik G

    WTB seagate expansion drive 8 tb or more

    Indeed, same with crypto as well, (bitcoin is a blip with inconsistent spikes).
  7. Karthik G

    WTB Case fans

    Have a cooler master 140mm blue LED - PM if interested.
  8. Karthik G

    WTB Full tower cabinet

    budget? and location.
  9. Karthik G

    WTB DDR3 Ram

    laptop or desktop RAM?
  10. Karthik G

    WTB Laptops in budget.

  11. Karthik G

    WTB Small android phone

  12. Karthik G

    WTB WTB pc parts

    more details needed buddy, like budget, location, generation and specifications ex: 4 core and more, etc.
  13. Karthik G

    WTB Monitor power cable

    True, OEM ones are the best. I guess you mean 15A and 5A. I have a spare 5A from my Professional HP monitor. PM if interested.
  14. Karthik G

    WTB seagate expansion drive 8 tb or more

    Chia Coin to blame - GPU, CPU and now Storage is affected due to mining :mad:
  15. Karthik G

    WTB LG G8x under warranty

    with the dual screen accessory? ;) - my cousin is looking for one as well. Also waiting for Oct 2021 big billion sale where it might come to 14,999 !
  16. Karthik G

    WTB JioFi

    I have one but without battery, since it bulged after being idle for years. Location bangalore. PM for more details
  17. Karthik G

    FS: Headphone Plantronics Blackwire 325T noise cancellation Binaural Headset

    Are these from a corporate company? Many were giving this in 2015-2017.