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    Internet on modem but not through the router

    Please see the document here The main router referred in the document is your modem and the access point is the TP-link router
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    Windows Software recommendation for network monitoring?

    Zeek is a well known network monitoring system. You can feed it the flow information by mirroring the appropriate ports of your router with interesting traffic. It works nice on a raspberry pi. Beware, compiling it on pi will take quite some time
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    I followed the instructions here for my Raspberry Pi 4 heating issue. The fan comes on when the temps exceed 62 and switches off at 50. This can be changed in the config files to your requirements. The circuit is very simple with just 1 transistor, diode and resistor. Without speed control the...
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    Linux Your favourite linux distro?

    I have Linux Mint, Opensuse and Archlinux installed in my desktop. It is MX Linux that I found most appropriate for my Celeron J1800 based mini-pc which I use most of the time
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    help me build most secured Home Network to last a decade.

    Please open a new thread and share the details.
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    help me build most secured Home Network to last a decade.

    I suggest you go with a cheap Mikrotik HAP AC lite first and see if it suits your requirements and is easy enough for you to manage. If that works for you, then go for the RB4011 etc. As somebody mentioned in the thread already its got a steep learning curve
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    I am running Pi-hole in the old Raspberry Pi B (256 MB RAM) . I have not faced any issues so far. The load average is typically 0.1 -0.2 and the memory usage is below 20%
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    The Raspberry Pi Thread

    The Pi4 needs a fan to keep it from throttling. The small fans available are noisy, especially when everything else is quiet. Some simple circuit and code is available if you search the internet to keep things sane
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    help me build most secured Home Network to last a decade.

    RB750Gr3 - If you want to do VLANs, it is slightly complex as it lacks a proper switch chip. It can be done but not straightforward. Also note that it can do hardware forwarding only on one bridge. If you create another bridge you dont get hardware acceleration. Other than that it is a stellar...
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    help me build most secured Home Network to last a decade.

    Look at mikrotik routers and access points. They are very flexible and most things can be achieved by using the gui. Setup Pi-hole and vpn services if worried about security. It is preferable to do these in small steps. It will be difficult to get everything done in one go In Openwrt you can do...
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    BLDC Ceiling Fans

    I think our bedrooms are smaller at 13x 12 or so. We mostly at use it at 2'nd speed or at extreme temps at 3. Since your room is quite large, you might need a different model
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    BLDC Ceiling Fans

    I have 2 Superfan A1 in the bedrooms. They are reasonably quiet and are trouble-free so far. One of it is more than an year old and the other is about 6 months. I have changed to BLDC where the fans are used for extended hours as that is where the power consumption matters. The cost is nearly 3...
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    Android Now that LG is wrapping up, wish to buy LG G8X as my last LG purchase...

    I have a LG V30+ since 2 years and have no complaints except for the infrequent updates. Sad to see them leave the space
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    FS: Home Audio Video Dele1ted

    Please check PM
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    LastPass Premium for Families 48 US$ (3500 INR) for 6 users - (Around 584 per user per year) with Additional 25% discount = 438 INR per user per year.

    Thanks. Please ignore my previous post, i jumped the gun without reading the post fully I understand the situation and respect your decision in this regard