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  1. Aladdin


    My sister and her friend has been staying in marathalli area as PG and there was some which is not important...right now i need to know if someone can help with female friendly room on rent basis. This is really urgent so i request all the bangalore people to come forward and help. PleaseThe...
  2. Aladdin

    FS: Mobile Google Samsung Nexus S

    Product Name: Google Samsung Nexus S Expected Price: SOLD LOCALLY Shipping charges -Buyer pays. Local pickup preferred. Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: I have uploaded pics to show its physical condition. The phone fell face down...
  3. Aladdin

    Google to buy Whatsapp?

    Previous rumours claimed that Facebook was also negotiating to buy the popular cross-platform mobile messaging app, emphasising that several major businesses are keen to improve how that handle instant messages. None, however, has spoken publicly about any potential deal. WhatsApp has, according...
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    Game Klip controller- Buy where?

    GameKlip - Real Controller. Real Games. I am looking for a game klip controller. If anyone knows please help.
  5. Aladdin

    Suggest some Sitcoms

    I want to BUY a few sitcoms. I have seen: Friends Seinfeld How I met your mother & Two and a Half Men. Need suggestions that are related to above show format. Thank You
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    Please fill this survey < 5 mins

    Please fill a friends survey. Here is the Link : Its related to shoes....
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    Vodafone halves the 2G internet data limit of Rs.95 recharge

    I have been happy since a while now with Vodafone Mobile Connect's 2GB monthly data for Rs.95. But now they are giving only 1GB data for the same price. :mad: 2GB data limit has been ideal for most people. Now i should pay double the amount and visit the retailer twice. Go to h3ll Vodafone. MNP...
  8. Aladdin

    Improper touch registering after applying screen guard - nexus s

    Hi all, I purchased a samsung nexus s about 15 days ago. I found its screen guard only yesterday and now the touch is not registering correctly at some places. Typing has become a pain. I will go back to the retailer today but i dont see what could be wrong. Is it the screen style?
  9. Aladdin

    Nokia 6700 Slide with 5 months warranty left

    Up for sale is a Nokia 6700 slide. Full Specs Location : Mumbai Expected Price- Rs.4300 shipped all over india. Purchase date - 10/10/2010 Pics - Product Condition - No problem whatsoever. No scratches anywhere. Screen guard used since day one. Reason for sale - Want to upgrade...
  10. Aladdin

    Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

    For Sale - 7 Months used Nokia 5530 Xpress Music. Warranty upto - 17 August 2011. Price(not-nego.) - Rs.5,200/- shipped Specs - Nokia 5530 XpressMusic - Full phone specifications Pics - Uploaded with You get- - Bill, Original Box with manuals and a CD - Handset - 4GB...
  11. Aladdin

    Car & Bike For how much should i sell my Thunderbird TS?

    Hi, I have a "Red Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark" which i purchased in October 2008. I got it for around 108k. Current meter reading is around 9000 kms. Condition is great as only i have used it. I want to know how much should be my asking price for it. The reason i am selling it is...
  12. Aladdin

    Is it a fake note? right outta SBI ATM.

    I inserted one correct note in the 2nd last position to make the difference visible. Once in hand, it totally feels fake. Came out of an SBI atm. Dunno wat to do yet. :P TITLE EDIT : Not a fake note, but a whole bunch. lol
  13. Aladdin

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

    Selling used Xperia X1 with no problems at all. Price is fixed, take it or leave it. Reason for sale is my need for a phone that has struck the chord of my heart. :ohyeah: For any queries, pm me. Pics : EDIT : Mumbai Buyers Preferred.
  14. Aladdin

    Car & Bike Got my swift today

    Got my swift today....its the new k-series engine.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  15. Aladdin

    Scratched the Xperia X1

    Had got a used Xperia X1 in this condition.... Scratched and made it look like this... :ohyeah:
  16. Aladdin

    Can i take advantage of this situation??

    Can i list them on ebay for the T20 like numbers?? :ashamed: Any suggestions or "being cheap" balatkar are welcome !!
  17. Aladdin

    Nokia E71

    Basically looking for a QWERTY phone. You should have the original box. And the phone should not have any problem.
  18. Aladdin

    IPL 3 - What Hitler Says !!

    Just for Fun. :P :rofl: Highly Hilarious. YouTube - Hitler Finds out about IPL snub to Pakistani players
  19. Aladdin

    Indian Blood Donors

    I searched the TE database but found no match. So, opened this. I am registered with A+ blood group. My blood is great so i decided to share it with others. :P So, is YOUR blood great? :tongue: If it is, register here Their Blog -...
  20. Aladdin

    Car & Bike Solo biking: Pune to Bengaluru in 18 hours

    A first-hand account of an avid biker who drove 800 km in a single day's journey. A friend from school was getting married in Cochin and having his wedding reception in Bengaluru. It seemed like a great opportunity to catch up with my friends and also try out something I hadn't done before --...