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    FS: Others 32" 3D LED - Samsung F6100 (Excellent for Gaming)

    You can find out more about the specs here Purchased box packed from Ebay. Bill stuck to the box (check pic) As mentioned earlier, no remaining warranty. Accessories Included: Original box, 3d Glasses x2 , TV with base stand (not wall mount). Genuine buyers only. Quality product guaranteed.
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    Kinect For Xbox360 [CHEAP]

    Hey guys, Selling a kinect motion sensor on behalf of my friend. Reason for sale - Need cash. It has 6 months warranty left (purchase date is 26th March 2011). Box includes - Sealed Kinect Adventures disc - Sensor - Power Adaptor - Connection Cable This was bought from with a...
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    Computer Rental Service

    Hey guys the company I work for was looking for someone who would provide us with computer rental service. The machines (around 7) would ideally be Dual Quad with Quadro cards (For 3d rendering basically).Will provide the exact configurations to dealers who would be able to provide for such a...