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    WTB Monitor power cable

    As the title suggests, want a 3 pin power cable for my Dell monitor, 6A/5A type. Any good-quality branded cable will do. The one I got with the monitor is the 16A/15A type & does not fit in the socket. Alternatively, I might have to buy a converter, if I am unable to get a decent cable. The...
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    WTB External DVD drive

    Looking to buy an external USB-powered DVD drive. Shouldn't be too expensive considering a new one is around 1.6k on Amazon. Prefer brands link Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG etc. over generic ones. Prefer local sellers or someone who is able to ship for cheap.
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Gigabyte 400W power supply/SMPS/PSU

    Product Name: Gigabyte 400W power supply Manufacturer page URL: Gigabyte SMPS Description: Gigabyte 400W power supply in excellent condition with original box. Power supply cable included. Prefer local pick-up. PM for any questions. Update: Sold to @zeet2020 Awaiting pick up.
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    FS: Motherboard MSI B85M-G43 motherboard Socket 1150 supports core i3/i5/i7 4th gen

    Product Name: MSI B85M-G43 motherboard Manufacturer page URL: MSI B85M-G43 Description: MSI B85M-G43 motherboard Socket 1150 to support Intel 4th gen core i3/i5/i7 processor. Will take in DDR3 RAM. There is some rust on the connectors but they were working fine when last used. Since the board is...
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    FS: Laptop Acer 14" laptop with original LiteOn charger i3 1st gen/3gb RAM/No HDD

    Product Name: Acer Aspire 4738 laptop Manufacturer page URL: Acer Aspire 4738 Description: Acer Aspire 4738 laptop for sale. Use as is or for parts. 14" LED-backlit screen, Core i3 1st gen, 3 gb RAM, DVD Writer, Card reader, HDMI out, Bluetooth. No HDD (for privacy reasons). A couple of keys may...
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    FS: Cabinets Antec X1 gaming cabinet with transparent side panel, 2 stock Antec fans, 1 Circle fan

    Product Name: Antec X1 cabinet Manufacturer page URL: Amazon link (product unavailable) Description: Antec X1 gaming cabinet with transparent side panel, 2 stock Antec intake fans, 1 rear Circle exhaust fan. The cabinet has an option to install additional 2 fans on top. The power button is a bit...
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    FS: Mobile Nexus 4 cases/ screen protectors

    Product Name: Boxwave Nexus 4 case/ Nexus 4 screen protectors (non-branded) Expected Price: Rs.330 for case/ Rs.150 for screen protectors Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Reason for Sale: extras Product condition: New Purchase Date: Mar...
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    FS: Mobile Motorola Atrix 2

    SOLD Selling a personally used Motorola Atrix 2 (U.S. AT&T version). It has been used for about 7 months. It is in very good condition except for small scratch about 1 cm on the left hand side of the screen not visible with the scratch guard or when the screen is on. I'm not able to capture...
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    FS: Mobile HTC One S in mint condition

    SOLD Selling a used HTC One S on behalf of a friend. It has been used for about 2-3 weeks. It is in mint condition except for some minute hairline scratches on the lower right hand corner curved portion (no scratch on the LCD). These are not even visible unless you look for them. I tried to...
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    help me plan my delhi trip

    Hi, I'll be in Delhi this for the F1 race in Noida (will try to skip the practice on Friday & the qualifying on Saturday). Since I've never been to Delhi would like to do some sight seeing as well. Should reach Delhi on Friday (26/10/12) morning, so I have Friday, maybe Saturday. Will go to Agra...
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    T-Mobile G2x (LG Optimus 2x) in mint condition

    Product Name: T-Mobile G2x Expected Price: Rs.13,995/- Shipping charges: At actuals. Buyer's choice of courier & risk. Manufacturer page URL: Description: available below Reason for Sale: Got an Atrix Product condition: 9.25 out of 10 Purchase Date: Nov 2011 (used for less than 3 months)...
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    CPU/Mobo Intel DH67VR or MSI H67MA-E35 (B3)

    Both these motherboards are available around 4.7k Intel DH67VR & MSI H67MA-E35 (B3). MSI has more SATA ports that's the major difference I can see. Please advise which one to buy. Already ordered Intel Core i3 2100 processor. Recommendations in the similar price range welcome. Motherboard...
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    PSU upto 1k

    As the title states want to buy a PSU within 1k. Would prefer warranty & sellers from Mumbai. Don't mind sellers outside Mumbai willing ti ship but should be within my budget. Recommendation for a new PSU also welcome. Current configuration includes AMD X2 4400, Biostar TA-690G, 1TB HDD, DVD...
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    Brand New Tata Photon+ with 6 months free usage

    For sale is a brand new, seal packed Tata Photon+ device with 6 months of free* usage. Bought this a few months back using the Samsung offer, never used it. Price: Rs.1,500/- + shipping at actuals I understand a new data card is available at Rs.1,799/- these days but it does not include any...
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    Nokia 5800 immaculate condition with accessories

    Up for sale on behalf of my aunt, Nokia 5800 in immaculate condition. Used for around 15 months. Screen is scratchless, always protected by a screen guard. Light scratches on the sides of the rubberized rear portion. Sale includes: Nokia 5800 phone Black Colour Original Battery Original...
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    Brand New Nokia E71 Seal Packed

    Brand New Nokia E71 Seal Packed Made In Finland No Warranty as it's from grey market Reason for sale: Recd. as a gift, already have a BB2 Colour: Steel Grey SOLD Shipping: Free shipping in Mumbai, outside at actuals No thread crapping, send comments via PM only. For specs: Nokia E71
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    Tata Photon+ coupons

    Friend got 2 of these coupons with his recent purchase of Samsung netbooks. Price: Rs.700/- each Please check the second image to see how the deal works. The images are actual scans of the netbook boxes. One sold, one to go
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    Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 2gb new

    Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 2gb Black colour Got two of these from pristinenote, need to sell one. Price: Rs.2,100 + shipping at actuals
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    Sony PSP White with TV out cable & 1 UMD | Sony Ericsson W595

    Selling these on behalf of a friend. Both items available in Mumbai. 1. Sony PSP Slim with Snakebyte TV out cable & Midnight Club 3 UMD - SOLD Price: Rs.7,000/- shipped - Only PSP with UMD Rs.6,500/- shipped - Only TV out cable Rs.600/- shipped Standard accessories: Charger, Data transfer...
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    Floor stands for surround speakers

    price: <1k I purchased an Onkyo HT-S3100 from TE & want floor stands for the surround speakers. Want them to be cheap, black colour, < 1k. Used ones will also do. I am located in Mumbai. Suggestions where I can procure them would also be helpful.