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  1. anubhav2345

    WTB Dell 130W AC Adaptor

    Ya, let me know if its 130W.
  2. anubhav2345

    WTB Dell 130W AC Adaptor

    Hi people, I am looking for a Dell 130W AC Adaptor for my Dell Inspiron 7720 laptop. If anyone has one in spare and willing to sell, please inbox me with price, condition and pics. Regards
  3. anubhav2345

    WTB V-Moda Crossfade Wireless and UE TF10

    Hello all, Looking to buy a few stuff in audio. 1. V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones 2. Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 If someone has them in mint condition and willing to sell, then kindly contact me through PM.
  4. anubhav2345

    WTB Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 or IE8 oe IE80

    Looking for a pair of UE TF10 or Sennheiser IE80 or IE8. Any other High End IEM also welcome. Regards Anubhav
  5. anubhav2345

    FS: Mobile Brand New Sealed Blackberry Q5 *Red*

    Sold Locally. Requesting Mods to please close the thread.
  6. anubhav2345

    FS: Mobile Brand New Sealed Blackberry Q5 *Red*

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: BlackBerry Q5 Expected Price: Rs 18000 /- Source and Time of Purchase: Is gifted to me. Will arrange the Bill from current date. So Buyer will have full 18 months warranty Reason for Sale: Not Using Blackberry. Happy with my Androids...
  7. anubhav2345

    [IC] Imported Dell LED Monitors

    I am In. for a 24inch one. Kindly Pm me details.
  8. anubhav2345

    WTB Ultimate ears Triplle fi 10 / TF10

    Hello everyone, I need to buy a pair of TF10 IEM's. Year back I had two pairs of TF10's, sold both on the forum itself as that time I had moved to headphones. Now need one pair again as currently need IEM's for mobile usage. Condition should be pristine and all accessories along with the box...
  9. anubhav2345

    WTB Want To Buy Note 2 / N 7100 / Note2

    Want to buy Note 2 Only looking for genuine phones from genuine sellers. Bill is a must. Condition should be scratch-less, new like. All box, bill and accessories should be available. Color - Titanium Grey preferred. White can still be considered. Contact Soon.
  10. anubhav2345

    New HDMI cable

    Must be Dyeton cable. I have the similar cable as USB extension. Great cable with amazing build quality. Link :- Got my USB extension from the same seller.
  11. anubhav2345

    FS: Home Audio Video Samsung 3D Active Glasses SSG-P41002

    Will this work at cinema halls for 3D shows?
  12. anubhav2345

    100 free mp3 albums daily on Flipkart Flyte till 28 Feb!

    Yeah just checked, its updated for today. Aaja Nachle in Regional. #Must have for bally sagoo fans :D