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  1. jammy420

    WTB Redmi Y3 display , Asus zenfone max m2 display

    looking for Redmi Y3 display and Asus zenfone max m2 display in working condition. if you have working display of these phones, interested
  2. jammy420

    Budget 31-40k Home usage PC for kids

    Looking for a PC for sister's kid. main usage will be kids learning with occasional usage by adults, with slightly higher resource applications. I have not updated myself latest hardware CPU/Mobo. of course for my needs 6th gen would do. . They are not interested in second hand. What is your...
  3. jammy420

    FS: Others Amazon prime 1 year subscription

    selling my Amazon prime 1 year subscription which I got with my jiofiber as I already got a paid subscription Can activate on your account. will be valid for a year from date of activation.
  4. jammy420

    WTB Asus Max M2 display

    Asus Max M2 display needed
  5. jammy420

    FS: Others Flipkart eGift card

    Flipkart E gift card 2500 @ 2350 Fixed
  6. jammy420

    WTB Flipkart account with TV supercoin deal

    If anyone claimed an extra discount for TVs using supercoins in flipkart but not buying a TV let me know. It ran OOS
  7. jammy420

    WTB Logitech unifying receiver

    Logitech unifying receiver
  8. jammy420

    FS: Headphone sealed new Honor AM61 bluetooth earphone

    sealed new Honor AM61 bluetooth earphone
  9. jammy420

    FS: Home Audio Video price drop **NEW JBL GTO20M stadium Car speakers

    Selling JBL GTO20M stadium car speakers. Just opened and checked the contents. Got it as gift. But not required
  10. jammy420

    WTB redmi 9 4gb

    redmi 9 4gb
  11. jammy420

    Android Asus mobile warranty policy on battery

    Does Asus cover zenfone battery under a warranty period of 1 year?
  12. jammy420

    Android URGENT !! : how to signout of my browser, when my mobile is switched off

    My Android phone was not charging properly and powering on after a recent reboot. So I took it to the service center. Since it was not switching on, I could not do much about settings or data on phone. I would like the chrome browser to not auto-login to sites or show the passwords for different...
  13. jammy420

    Looking for a joystick for kids

    I am not a gamer. So I have zero idea about the hardware. My sister's kid is playing some retro games on PC. The old ones like super Mario , alladin on websites. Just need a joystick controller for it. Cheaper ones are okay. It is just for occasional use for a kid
  14. jammy420

    FS: Others DIESEL quartz Watch

    DIESEL Watch. original cost 10k. I don't use watches since the time of buying first mobile. Still, someone thought I will use and gifted it. Working in good condition. zero scratches on the glass. There...
  15. jammy420

    FS: Storage Hardware NEW Samsung 960 Pro NVMe M.2 512GB Internal PCIe Solid State

    NEW Samsung 960 Pro 512GB NVMe M.2 Internal PCIe Solid State . Just opened to check. Amazon selling at 27k
  16. jammy420

    FS: Storage Hardware Sealed New ADATA USB 3.1 2TB External Hard Drive

    ADATA HD650 2TB External Hard Drive. Sealed NEW and unused
  17. jammy420

    FS: Others Fastrack, Kenneth cole aviators, sunglasses

    Fastrack, Kenneth cole aviators, sunglasses for sale. Extra pieces that were bought for gifting for a function. all are new and unused 4 models are there. Kenneth cole models - 900 each fastrack butterfly models - 700 each
  18. jammy420

    Need address from metros where GATI can pickup packages

    Hi, Some online products don't get delivered to my address. And there is no Package forwarding kind of service within India. I need some friends in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, kolkata, hyderabad, bangalore who can receive the packages. I will arrange GATI couriers to pickup from your house. Not...
  19. jammy420

    PPObox/ ShopNship kind of Courier within India

    Hi, Some online products don't get delivered to my address. Is there a PPObox / Shopandship kind of service within India? Like, we ship to their address and in turn, they ship to us.
  20. jammy420

    Need OLA SBI CC to use 15% offer

    Planning an outstation trip costing around 6k+. Would like to use 15% Cashback offer for Ola cabs. If anyone holds this card , let me know.