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    New in Mumbai - Which Network for speedy vfm 3g usage - Airtel, Vodafone or Docomo?

    Hey guys, I am in Mumbai for 2 months and need to get a prepaid GSM connection for use on my Android. I will be using 3g frequently, esp. to make calls abroad through using my Android. What's the best network in Mumbai connectivity wise and 3gwise. Can someone link to a price comparison chart...
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    Upscale Wedding Venue in Delhi

    I was hoping that this topic has been discussed in an earlier thread, but the search yielded nothing. My brother would be getting married in January in Delhi and I am looking for some upscale wedding venues that we could book. Our budget for the marriage is not sky-high as is the norm these...
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    Durable Chinese type phone with lots of features for 1.5 K

    Need to buy my staff a mobile. He wants something with music, video-playing capability etc. and the budget is Rs. 1,500/- Is there any Chinese type phone which is at least slightly durable or with warranty that fulfills this purpose.
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    Best method to transfer Symbian S60 contacts to Android

    A lot of us here seem to be moving from Symbian to the Android platform. Can we have a thread for the best tips/tricks for moving your contacts/messages/notes etc from Symbian to Android? I have checked online and there seems to be no single definitive method for this. I have a Nokia E72 and...
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    Storage Solutions Is Seagate stupid or is Seagate the stupidest.

    I just got this email from them after I sent my Hard drive in for RMA. The phone numbers mentioned in the email don't even exist. Can someone decipher this coded message for a layman: As you can see the "Serial No Expected Not Received: 5LR1LM8H" and the "Serial No Received: 5LR1LM8H" are the...
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    Sandisk Sansa e200 series Data Cable

    I lost my Sandisk Data Cable that came with the Sansa e270 under the KMD GO. If anyone has an extra lying about please let me know. Hopefully price can be kept at a minimum. If you are in need of something and want to barter, I have dozens of extra cables/accessories lying about. This is what...
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    Storage Solutions Seagate 2008 Hard Disk showing out-of-warranty

    I had purchased a Seagate 120 gb PATA drive in 2008 from a shop in Nehru Place. While purchasing the shopkeeper had assured me that this carries a 5 year warranty. However, it started getting a lot of errors and after checking with Seatools it seems that the drive has corrupted. The problem is...
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    Deal sites in India

    Does anyone know of any nice deals aggregation sites in India such as Currently I just have 2 blogs for deals in India that I check from time to time: fun2ssh - The Freebies Blog!â„¢ Offers Galore Also some friend told me about this direct deal site in Bangalore that looks...
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    Convert your laptop into a Wifi hotspot

    You can supposedly convert your laptop into a Wifi hotspot by using software available on the following site. Works only with Windows 7 (it has advanced ad-hoc networking features built in): Connectify This is ideal if you have an internet connection in your laptop and want to share with other...
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    Good Hindi Music like Dev D and Rock On

    Haven't really listened to much Hindi Music in the last few years but recently I heard Dev D and Rock On and was pleasantly surprised. Dev D especially has some really listenable songs. Can we make a list of Hindi albums/songs that are really cool and critically acclaimed. My favorites are...
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    Nokia E72 available for Rs. 21,000/- on pre-order

    It seems you can get your hands on a Nokia E72 within a week if you pre-order it with a Nokia Priority Dealer. Seems like Nokia is rolling this out slowly to get as many E71 off the market as possible. I called the NPD at Connaught Place in Delhi and they said that the price is Rs. 21,000/-...
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    Sandisk Sansa e270 USB Wire

    Hi, I have a Sandisk Sansa e270 mp3 player which I bought in a GO here through katmandude. Now I have lost the USB wire that comes along with it as a result of which I can't transfer data or even charge it. Does someone here have a spare compatible wire they can sell to me, perhaps because they...
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    Windows XP, Vista or 7 RC on Dell Studio 1555

    Hi ... I've recently ordered my first Notebook, a Dell Studio 1555 with P8600 processor and 256 mb graphics. It should arrive in the next 2 to 3 days and I wanted to install Windows 7 RC 1727 on it instead of the accompanying Windows Vista Home Premium. What I wanted to know is: 1. Has anyone...
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    Video Suggestions for 40" or 46" LCD

    Hi. I need an LCD for my room. Since its a large room I would like to get the largest possible good-quality Full HD LCD possible within my budget. Following are the requirements: Budget: Rs. 50,000/- (Max 60,000/-) Size - Largest possible in 40 to 46" Features - Full HD is preferable but HD...
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    Good clamshell (flip) phone for Mom

    Hi ... I'd like to get a good clamshell style phone for my mom. The budget's approx 5000 though can go up to 7k if there's something good. Her uses are mostly talking and sms. She wants a samsung coz she's used to it but i'm asking her to go for a Nokia 3610. Suggestions please, and especially...
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    Camera Claiming warranty on canon camera

    I had purchased a Canon camera IXUS 860IS at Alfa in Mumbai about 6 months back. Since I'm not from Mumbai, I had only heard that Alfa has great prices and had no idea that Alfa sells Grey Market stuff. So I got a dsrelative from Mumbai to purchase it before he was coming to my town. It was...
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    PC Peripherals Help needed for Basic Office Rig

    Hi .. am changing my office CPU and going in for this config. Use will be Emailing, MS Office etc and no gaming. Wont do any overclocking. Proc: Intel E5200 MoBo: Intel DG31PR (I wanted Gigabyte G31M-S2L as most ppl here prefer that, but my comp guy says that Intel will be more reliable. What...
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    Laptops The Best Premium Ultraportable - Dell Studio XPS 1340

    Had been waiting for this since there were leaked screenshots and specs of the Dell XPS 13. Looks like its been officially launched in the US for $1199 as Dell Studio XPS 1340. Can't wait to get my hands on it but the Dell India Helpline says that its still not launched here. Dell's Studio XPS...
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    Deals for Domestic Flights through Indian Travel Sites

    Starting a thread for various deals offered by Indian travel websites for discounts on domestic travel (such as cash back for using a specific credit card). Since there are dozens of such websites and credit card companies, it is very difficult to find the appropriate offer at the time of...
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    Where to buy Nokia N81 8 GB

    Need to buy the Nokia N81 8 GB. Problem is that its out of stock everywhere I tried in Pune. Can anyone tell me where can I buy it from, online or offline. Even dealers in Mumbai don't seem to have it in stock. Its being sold on Is the site trustworthy and should I buy from there?