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  1. HailStonE

    WTB DDR 3 PC1600 RAM (16 gb)

    I am looking for 16GB DDR3 RAM (8GB x 2)... Contact me if you have this...
  2. HailStonE

    Budget 21-30k AVITA LIBER Laptops.

    Anybody bought these newly launched AVITA Liber Laptops... Its a new company with some convincing specs but they decided to go with 7th Gen i5 & N4200 Pentiums with DDR3 RAM for India. Rest is quite impressive... All Aluminum Chasis 14" IPS...
  3. HailStonE

    DAIKIN Split AC service..

    Anybody used the DAIKIN AC service ?? How good are they? Is WET service included in the warranty period ? There is a mention ont he warranty card that 3 Preventive Maintenance Service are included free of cost. What I've experienced with other brands (LG & Samsung) is that they never pressure...
  4. HailStonE

    Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 C9 @ Rs. 2120/-

    Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 C9 @ Rs. 2120/- Use code KWIK10APP in mobikwik App - 100/- Cashback 9% Off Code -15EBAYDEAL on eBay at Payment Pay through mobikwik wallet for additional 10%...
  5. HailStonE

    Bosch-Dremel 4000-4/65 Rotary Tool Kit @ Rs 6999/- {Addidional Discount Available}

    Bosch-Dremel 4000-4/65 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit @ Rs 6999/- Lowest EVER. {Additional discount for SBI & AMAZON Gift Card Payment} Deal Price Rs 6999/-...
  6. HailStonE

    WTB HD7850 GPU or better Needed, 270x maybe..

    Looking for a GPU, HD7850 should do.. Preferably with warranty.. R9 270x would work as well... Please PM me your prices with shipping..
  7. HailStonE

    Are Ionizers in air conditioners recommended?

    Guys any details on newer HITACHI 1.5 Ton Kashikoi series.. What kind of filter is on them. Its not mentioned on their website.. Also is it recommended to have ionizer filter on Air-conditioner since now we can get ionizers separately as well..
  8. HailStonE

    Split AC & False wall/ Drywall...

    I've decided to get a new Split AC... Most probably SHARP 1.5 Ton Inverter.. Now there is a problem in my room due to which I have only one choice to install the AC. Two of the walls are not accessible since one is common with neighbour & the other one will have a wall to wall wardrobe.. Third...
  9. HailStonE

    WTB i5 2500k + Z77 or Z68 mobo..

    I am looking for a used i5 2500k + suitable mobo. Its time to upgrade my ageing E5400 + G41 system which will be put in the market once I upgrade..... Looking for a combo deal, Can buy separately if the offers are good.. Some warranty preferable otherwise testing warranty would be...
  10. HailStonE

    WTB Socket 775 Mobo with RAID function

    I am looking for Socket 775 Mobo with RAID function for Intel E5400 cpu (C2D)... Gigabyte is preferred...
  11. HailStonE

    Video Which projector from these..

    Which of these projectors are the best... HDMI input is preferred.. Anybody can give the idea regarding performance... Any other recommendation for projectors.. Price is a constraint since the budget is only ~24k... 1.BenQ MS 502P Projector 2.Acer X1163N DLP Projector With 3000 ANSI Lumens...
  12. HailStonE

    Tubular Battery / Semi Tubular.. Whats the difference???

    I am in the market for a replacement for my AMARON SHIELD 150 Ah battery. It has now refused to provide any back up owning to its age of 3 years 4 months. Now I am noticing two types of batteries viz, tubular & semi-tubular. What is the difference? Most tubular I saw were those Tall Tubular...
  13. HailStonE

    How to Setup DataOne C2110 & Dlink DIR-600L

    I am trying to setup DataOne connection with Dlink DIR-600L router. After I finish configuring the router it reboots & then stops responding (does not connect) only if i hard reset it then I can access it using But then it asks for reconfiguring the router again.. What is the...
  14. HailStonE

    AIRTEL changed my PLAN without approval.

    I was using Aitel Swift 999 (2Mbps/ 512kbps, 75GB FUP). Now without any request they have increased my rental from 1050 to Rs. 1350 (+Tax). It seems they are forcing all the retention plan users to pay more now.. I had the 999 plan (without FUP) but when they forced everybody to come under...
  15. HailStonE

    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Price Revealed.. Rs. 22999/-

    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 with Android 4.3 now available at Rs. 22,999 Ketan Pratap,January 17, 2014 Samsung has finally revealed the price of its latest Galaxy Grand 2 phablet for the Indian market, which was earlier announced in December with a price range. The Galaxy Grand 2 has now been...
  16. HailStonE

    WTB Dual Power adapter for Vantec HDD Dock.

    I've a Vantec HDD dock (Model NST-S100SU) which uses a 6Pin Dual Voltage Power adapter - Type A, to supply power to the dock. The power connector looks like a PS2 port/plug... If anybody has an old non working dock but a working power brick can contact me... Also this kind of power adapter was...
  17. HailStonE

    Suggest me a new BOSCH/SIEMENS Washing Machine...

    I will be getting a new BOSCH or SIEMENS washing machine (5.5 Kg) since my old IFB died permanently after 14 years... The service of IFB is horrible since I am being taken for a painful ride for repairing of my existing aged machine. I've decided against servicing my IFB & since German brands...
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    RAPE : Its Your Fault****-its-your-fault_n_3968264.html?utm_hp_ref=world
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    Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse @ Rs. 529/-

    Coupon - GET150 Rs. 599 + 80 (Shipping) = Rs. 679 - 150 = Rs. 529/-|search_m185 *** Use CoD since its rediff.. :)
  20. HailStonE

    WTB 2.5" 500GB Laptop HDD (SATA)

    I am looking for a 2.5" 500GB or more Laptop SATA HDD, preferably under warranty. Delhi sellers preferred since I can pay them directly in person right now. 7200RPM HDD's would be preferred over 5400RPM ones.. PM me the details....