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    Buying Dell 15R tomorrow

    I am purchasing the 15R and I would like to know if anyone has purchased it recently, what offers, freebies, cash discounts were they offered. I spoke to 3 dell associates so far and they all refuse to give any discounts whatsoever, I can get a 3% off i.e corporate discount, other than that they...
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    Cheapest Core i3 Laptop

    CX620 best vfm, dont know abt how reliable : i3- 3gb ddr3 - 1 gb 5470 - Windows 7 Premium - 15.6" - 500GB HDD - Full Keyboard with Number Pad - DVD Writer - Rs.30,000
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    Review : Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700

    Already mentioned above under heading Battery Consumption. If you can tell me how I can actually test the battery life please let me know. Although they say the battery would usually last 4-5 months, in reality it all depends on how much usage the keyboard and the mouse undergo. Regarding range...
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    Review : Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700

    A mini quick review of - Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 Why the entry of the new keyboard? So, the TVS champ started to die. A-S-D-F-Control went dead to start with. Well, I said, what the heck? – RMA it. So I start the RMA battle and after a couple of calls to the service center...
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    MP3 cutter ?

    MP3 Cutter - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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    CPU/Mobo Intel finds Bug in Sandy Bridge 6-Series chipsets, halts shipments

    Re: Intel hit by Sandy Bridge design flaw..recall in process sad :( that's it, no more waiting for sandy bridge laptop.....
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    its all in there still isnt.

    long story short, was doing the usual shuffling of data and backing up stuff and I came across my truecrypt vault. Spent the past 2 hours trying to remember the password and mount the drive (been over a year I opened it). Ruined. Period. :no: Edit : mods please trash this....managed to...
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    Latest Status Updates From Girls on FB ?

    does anyone find it lame ? or is it just me :| Infact lame is not the word, i find it uber disgusting.
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    suggestions wanted for digital photo frame...

    Have been thinking of having one for a while now. Have seen some "unbranded" ones that perform pretty well, play .avi's, mp3's, etc. Some of the things it should have : - should have the option of running on batteries or ac power - should be able to play .avi's - sideshow functionality (...
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    The Photography Thread !

    i'm back...posting on TE after ages :)
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    Currently Listening

    I'm not afraid - Eminem YouTube - Eminem - Not Afraid
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    Linksys WRH54G

    apologies, pm sent.
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    Linksys WRH54G

    @manuvikram007: moving to pm.
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    Linksys WRH54G

    hold this for me please. thanks. ps. will confirm by tomorrow morning.
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    Linksys wireless stuff

    i dun see em! post details, might be interested in the same.
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    Post a Youtube video thread!

    Re: Post a Youtube video thread! enjoy this series..... hVmXE9T7rXo srwvFvCEwMM kQXZZlB6tyY hUQEYk4_Pys J4oTC4gAN80 P-V65n0wdpY
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    Storage Solutions Unstable sector in laptop hdd

    @anfjavid: is it the hdd that came along with ur laptop or did you install it later ? If its the one that came with the laptop then u have to go via MSI to get this fixed. I hope your laptop is in the warranty period for the same. If it was bought separately and installed then u can follow the...
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    Seiko 5 automatic for awesome bargain

    put this up on hold for me pls. edit : can you confirm if its the 7s26a or 7s26b ? where do u put up in mumbai ? edit 2 : pm'ed you some questions :)